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Okay, so I don’t want fan boy opinion. It has been 6 months. How has t-mobile worked for sales people that travel and drive around. . Really couldn’t care less by opinion of anyone who has an occupation in a fixed location.

Really couldn’t care less by opinion of anyone who has an occupation in a fixed location.

Well, I don’t fit in the above class and have used my RW GSM phones in areas many may consider marginal. My experience follows TMo’s map fairly closely. If a pin drop on the map indicates fair native service you can expect your coverage to vary from a half signal having good cell/data to zero service. For those as you who do travel, the GSM map has an option to check coverage over routes when using My Places.

Well, I may not meet your criteria for offering a qualified opinion but I’ll offer one anyway. For me, Republic’s GSM network partner provides more than adequate coverage as does Sprint. My guess is this is the likely experience for the roughly 80% of the U.S. population that lives, works and travels in an urban or suburban areas. Both of Republic’s cellular partner’s networks are smaller than either AT&T or Verizon. It’s quite understandable they would choose to focus efforts on urban or suburban areas. Businesses tend go where most of the potential customers are.

Cellular coverage is all about location. Regarding the experience of folks who are sales people that travel or drive around, it will largely come down to where those travels take them.

For what it’s worth, there is this: This is why T-Mobile is everyone’s favorite wireless carrier – BGR.

So, not one sales person that travels? Not even among a multi county area?

What about travel during vacation?

I’m a tour guide so sent all over the USA. After 4 months of absolute frustration with T Mobile lack of coverage I opened a help ticket and Republic sent me a new phone set up with Sprint. I was set to switch to Cricket. So far so good and I’ll be traveling again next wk but so far so good. T mobile failed me within New Orleans airport, miami airport, driving to Memphis and many other interstates where others had coverage but I had none. I’d like to think at some point Republic will offer a phone that switches between carriers such as Project Fi. Without Southpaws intervention I would be a former Republic customer.

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