T-Mobile network down in Maine/NH?


Big storm last night in the Northeast. My phone can’t seem to connect to TMO all morning. Tried restarting still nothing. Anybody know T-Mobile network status in Maine/New Hampshire?


Hi @michaelc.ag6ovo,

DownDetector’s outage map for T-Mobile does suggest possible widespread issues: http://downdetector.com/status/t-mobile/map/. Given the magnitude of the storm you all just experienced this isn’t terribly surprising.

The above said most of the folks here (including me) are customers like you. If you wish a more definitive answer, you might consider raising a help ticket.

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No help ticket is needed, I’m looking into this, to try to find an answer.


Hi @michaelc.ag6ovo,

We are seeing reports from our GSM partner of weather-related outages in New England, including Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, as well as New London, New Haven, Middlesex and Fairfield Counties in Connecticut. Maine is not specifically named, but if you are close to New Hampshire, it seems this is likely the cause of your experience.

We’re told work is in progress, as weather permits, to restore service.


Hi @michaelc.ag6ovo,

One of our technicians has updated me to let me know Maine and Vermont are also included in some weather-related outage reports received this morning.

That must have been quite a storm. I hope you are okay.

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Hi- thanks for looking into it. Still no service. It was a crazy storm overnight- we have power but cable is down too.


FWIW T-Mobile is indeed offline in my town. We’re just off I-95 with plenty of towers so this was quite a storm. Edit: I got the info directly from @TMobileHelp on Twitter.

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