T-mobile One Unlimited 55 Plan


Has anyone seen this new t-mobile offer? $60 for two lines, and unlimited data. At first glance, it seems better than RW because you can actually speak to customer service on the phone in real time, and you can make international calls.
Also, has anyone else noticed how horrendous RW customer service has become? I am a beta user, and something that used to be simple, transferring a phone number to a backup phone, has become a major hassle with RW.


hi @mrgwski
It really isn’t tough to transfer if done correctly. Was this in house transfer or a transfer out to another carrier. Model phone and plan helps figuring out what happened.


I have been attempting to transfer the phone number from a broken screen RW phone to a backup, and between the several days wait just to get a response to my ticket , then assigning us the wrong phone number when we deactivated the broken one and activated the backup, and the fact that the backup phone still doesn’t work, I have become extremely dissatisfied with RW customer service. The phone has the 2GB plan. Phone is Moto G4 Plus.


Post the ticket number here and I will have an ambassador bring it to attention of support.


Hi @mrgwski!

I am sorry to hear of your experience! This is definitely not the way Republic wants to treat any customer, let alone a Beta customer! How long has it been since you have had a response on your ticket? As @bocephous said, you can post your ticket number. Please use this format to post it: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 . Again, I am so sorry about this! I am confident Republic support will be able to rectify this situation.



bocephous inquired in earlier reply and I didn’t see an answer. Is the backup phone a previously used RW phone?


Looks like RW is responding now. The backup phone is a moto g4 that i have used with RW before.


Hi @mrgwski,

I’m sorry to read that our support hasn’t lived up to your expectations this time around. I’ve reviewed your ticket and i see that it is now in very good hands, and I would expect that any remaining issues will be capably resolved. Please continue to work in the ticket so that you don’t receive conflicting advice here in Community. While our Community is usually extremely reliable about helping members resolve issues on the phone itself, once support is involved, additional voices can create confusion.

Please let me know if there is anything else you need.


Ok, we got the G4 Plus screen repaired and switched the sim card back to it from the backup phone, but now we get a message saying “the sim card is locked, power cycle your device”, which we did, but the phone doesn’t work.

Could you guys please help us get the G4 Plus reactivated quickly, as we need to use the phone today.


Your ticket has been in a pending state waiting for you to respond to it. Please work with the technical agents. It is their turn. Let us know if we can help but they need to get you working.


Thanks, everyone, for your help. We were finally able to activate her phone after receiving a new sim card.
It looks like we will be leaving Republic Wireless for the T-mobile plan. I confirmed that the plan includes unlimited talk, text and cell data, no contracts, and international talk, text and data both ways btwn the states and Mexico and Canada, and you can talk to a live customer service person, all for $60 for two lines, which is about what my wife and i are paying Republic for two lines with 2gb of cell data each. The only requirement for the tmobile plan is that you are over 55 years of age and pay by auto pay. My wife has family in Mexico, and we visit often, so this plan meets our needs better.
Thanks, RW, for saving me lots of money over the past several years.


thanks for your feedback and information on the over 55yo T-mobile plan it sounds like an excellent deal indeed


And now they’re offering a free Netflix membership on top of all the other goodies with this plan.


Correction. The manager at my local Tmobile store said the free Netflix deal is not available on the 55+ plan. FWIW, he also said that RW receives only a small fraction of the bandwidth that Tmobile offers.


I wouldn’t believe what he says about the bandwidth. The employees (including the managers) generally don’t know that kind of stuff. In fact, it may be against the terms of the agreement to disclose it. They will just say stuff to try to get you to switch (after all, they are sales people-even the managers).


define bandwidth
I fully believe that native T-Mobile users and Metro PCS users use more data than all their rest of the MVNOs combine (and Republic is just a small MVNO to them)(small number of user will lead to smaller amount of data consumed)
for example lets say a tower can provided 10 GB and T-Mobile users use 4 of that Metro uses 3 and the rest of the MVNOs use 2 (1 GB is left as network protection) republic would use a small part of the 2 GB which is less than T-Mobile

now if T-Mobile prioritize their users over the MVNOs this would only matter in areas that they have more combine users on a tower than the tower can handle