T Mobile or Sprint?

How do you know which of the two carriers you will end up with? I am looking at getting the Moto G5 Plus.

If you buy the phone from some 3rd party and buy a SIM for it from RW then it will be on T-Mobile. If you buy the phone from RW they will select a SIM based on the last ZIP code you entered in the coverage checker… You won’t know which carrier it is configured for until you have activated it.

As @billg said if you order a G5 Plus or other phone that is compatible for use on either network RW will choose based upon a zip code. If that network doesn’t meet your needs once the phone is activated they would be able to send you another SIM to change if you contacted Support.

If you don’t understand the zip coverage checker and have a preference or need for one network over the other the other please explain your situation further. Members here would be glad to help.


@jason152318 Yes go for the G5+ an as has been stated use the coverage checker by putting in your zip code. If your phone comes with a gsm sim/tmo an your service is not what you like
you can turn in a help ticket /or by Chat. I have the G5+ an changed to sprint/cdma via RW chat an it worked very well New sim came in 3 days. Same for the cdma sim if it comes with it. Recomebd to give it a good test first like a day or two.

as all phones are now shipping with the SIM not install one can tell by looking at the SIM,
a Grey “Re” with a Green “public” would be GSM
a two tone grey “Republic” would be CDMA

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Thanks, you answered one of the questions I had last night.

For those who may suffer from monochromacy (achromatopsia) the SIM carrier/network can also be identified by looking at the ICCID number beginning digits. CDMA begins with 8901120 and GSM begins with 8901260. Is My Republic Wireless SIM Card CDMA or GSM? – Republic Help The numbers can be found below the “republic” once it’s punched to size and below the bar codes on CC size card.


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