T mobile outage in a specific location

Republic shows all systems operational. Have been unable to connect to cellular for calls since yesterday. Finally was told by a republic tech T mobile is reporting outage in my area and no indication when it will be fixed. I think it would be a huge help if this would be posted somehow on this site. Maybe due to the Nashville situation?

Hi @Stuckin79,

Thanks for your suggestion. I’m sorry to see that you’ve been unable to make cellular calls since yesterday. Thank you for checking out status page as you were trying to determine what might have been causing the issue you are experiencing.

I’ll discuss your suggestion with our Operations team when we are all back in the office. I think, in general, we try to reserve the updates on the status page for issues that impact a majority of our users, because we don’t want someone to look at it and think they are part of a local outage, when in fact they have something that could easily be solved by a settings change or a back-end change by our technicians. The status page is also something that requires manual updates - and there are often very isolated, very local outages somewhere in the country at any time. To keep it fully updated would require a full-time staff member, but it may be something to consider when a major market is affected.


Wifi calling hasn’t been available for me all weekend. Wondering if the Nashville event is affecting se nc as well. Netflix is fine but wifi calling is a no go. Everything has been rebooted. The noodle may fill in for a minute but is empty shortly thereafter.

Hard to say. Cellular connection just returned this evening. I had wifi calling available the whole time but nothing once I left the house. I live 2 hours north of Nashville and the outage coincided with the explosion. My sister lives in Nashville and their wifi was also taken out.

Hi @joelb.wilmywood,

I think your response is a good example of why we don’t post localized outages on the status page. If the explosion in Nashville were affecting cellular service for one of our carrier-partners in the Nashville area, it would be completely unrelated to WiFi connectivity in southeastern North Carolina.

If you continue to have trouble with WiFi calling, please troubleshoot with our Community (in a separate topic so your issue gets the attention it deserves) or with our Help Team by opening a Help Ticket.

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I’m on the northern Olympic Peninsula, WA and my service has been out for at least three days. Unlikely that the Nashville bombing is causing an outage here?

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