T-Mobile Plus Comcast?

Here’s what I hope is just nothing more than a bit of idle gossip about T-Mobile merging with Comcast:

That, in my mind would be seriously icky.

Hi @Totoro,

While one should never say never, the linked article looks like click bait full of largely unsubstantiated speculation to me.

Hi, Rolandh! I certainly don’t disagree that this could just be click-bait. The Verge has the same story up in quite a bit more detail:

That’d be awesome. One big company that already controls a measurable percent of content creation and a measure percent of copper/fiber based distribution, so sure, let’s just add to it a measurable percentage of wireless spectrum. Awesome. Maybe we should just pass the federal reserve over to them too.

Nope nope nope…

Comcast is just the big nope company.

Their CATV and Internet bundles are highway robbery and often a monopoly as the only option for any kind of service. I am trying to get away from them and dump my cable tv.

Also, i don’t see this thing happening as their already has Xfinity Mobile which run on VZW.

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