T-Mobile & sprint Merger - Affect GSM coverage?

If T-Mobile & Sprint Merge, How does it affect:

  1. The coverage map for GSM?
  2. Republic uses T-Mobile on GSM coverage today. However, there are areas that Republic is a 3rd party to T-Mobile and therefore has no coverage in specific areas - Like Door county USA (Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Ellison Bay, Sister Bay). Will that 3rd party coverage disappear and give us more Nationwide coverage by opening up those so called “Dead band areas” only privy to 1st party T-Mobile customers?
  3. How will the Merger benefit Republic - overall?

Maybe this will avoid having to switch to CDMA vs. GSM? and back?

It is way to early to say realy. Their plans are only preliminary and things could very easily change. Cusotmers will not see any change for a couple of years at least and only IF it is approved.

It has been stated in an article by the head of Tmobile that it will take them at least 3 years before they complete work to migrate the Sprint network into Tmobile. I believe their plan is to eventually do away with Sprints CDMA towers and convert them to GSM and Tmobile wants to get 5G network off the ground and as fast a possible to beat China.

Also, TM promised no changes in prices for at least 3 year.

Other than that…no one can really say how the merger will affect MVNOs like Republic.
I very much would like to see Republic partner with the other big name CDMA provider, Verizon…but they would probably charge WAY to much.

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