T-mobile text is it Spam or legit?

Received a strange text message from “tmobile@tm7324.com” with subject “Congratulations T-mobile…” I could not see rest of subject line without downloading attachment, which I will not do in case this might be spam.
I have Sprint and know they have now merged with T-mobile, so is this a legit text from T-mobile or spam? Anyone else get a similar text?

It is Spam.

I’m confident it’s spam. According to Whois, tm7324.com isn’t a registered Internet domain belonging to T-Mobile or anyone else.

If by I have Sprint, you mean Republic has provisioned your phone for cellular coverage on Sprint’s network, there is no reason to believe either T-Mobile or Sprint would be sending unsolicited text messages to Republic members merger or no merger.

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Thought so but wanted to make sure.

Yes, Republic phone using Sprint network.
Thought it was spam, thanks for verifying my suspicion

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