T-Mobile Vs. Republic Wireless

Now that Republic Wireless is on T-Mobile network, I am doing some research. I recently had tried T-Mobile for a day but had some bumps along the way so cancelled for a refund from them and stayed with RW (I hadn’t cancelled my RW because I wanted to try TMobile first)

However in that day, I found that T-Mobile is basically offering me the same thing Republic Wireless is but for $15 a month I get the same unlimited calling and texting but T-Mobile is offering me 2.5 Gb Data. With taxes and fees the bill comes to only 18 something a month. My RW bill is $26 a month.

So My question is has anyone been with T-Mobile? If so what are your pros and cons of both T-Mobile and RW?

I am seriously considering moving to T-Mobile since I did notice my phone was doing things a lot faster, my calls I was told were a lot clearer even using my captioning app (I am Deaf) the other person could hear me clearer than with RW and the fact that I am saving almost $10 a month for the same thing but getting even more data with that with T-Mobile.

So anyone have any comparisons on the 2?


Hi @rebecca.b,

I have used T-Mobile Prepaid on a household iPhone because Republic does not support iPhones. The T-Mobile plan you reference is a T-Mobile Prepaid plan.

My experience with T-Mobile Prepaid support wasn’t good, so that household iPhone has since moved to a different service provider. My understanding is it is more difficult to add more cell data to the T-Mobile plan you reference (requires adding a data pass). Of course, if one is confident they’ll never need to add data that isn’t an issue.

I can’t explain why your phone would seem faster in general on T-Mobile as that generally has more to do with one’s phone than the network the phone is on. I can’t speak to the captioning app as it is not something I use.

I also find Republic specific features such as Extend Home and Republic Anywhere useful. On balance, I’m happy with the value Republic offers me, so am not inclined to switch at this point. I would point out the T-Mobile plan you reference is technically a time-limited (though T-Mobile hasn’t announced what that limit might be as far as I know) offer introduced specifically as an incentive for its merger with Sprint to gain regulatory approval.

In writing the above, I’ve somewhat violated my own unwritten rule that I don’t generally discuss Republic’s competitor’s in Republic’s Community. When looking for information regarding Republic’s competitor’s I find other venues such as Howard Forum’s to be more appropriate.



Thank you for your reply and experience. I was wondering if the $15 a month T mobile is offering was just for a promotional period and if they would raise the cost later. They would not give me an answer to that directly of course. As for their support I did experience the difficulty with it for the prepaid plan. My only thing with them is I just found out that their Magenta plan which is 30 amonth has capabilities such as tty for the deaf. I am almost paying 30 amonth with RW.

I have a huge decision to make on this now for that reason. I have asked why He W doesn’t have tty capability bit don’t think I ever received a response on if that is even possible.

I am hesitant to leave RW because I have had them for so long it I need something that will help me be able to make calls on my own as my daughter has graduated college and in the next year or so will probably be moving out on her own.

This is why ai need to look at all my options right now. Thank you again for your response and experience.

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I had the RW annual plan for 1gig and I just switched a couple days ago. It was done at the store in about 20 minutes and one needs their PIN and their account number (phone number minus dashes)… oh and that the phone is paid for.

So I’m now getting 2.5 gigs instead of one, and saving about $63 over the RW annual plan which was costing $255… most of the savings seems to be because I wasn’t charged any of the following fees I was at RW… these are the annual numbers.

911 Surcharge $18
Federal compliance fee $5.64
Federal universal Service Fund $20.47

But I am paying state sales tax.

Research suggests they have better anti-spam protection as well.

Something is backwards… it’s the small independents that were supposed to offer the better deals. On drawback is one can’t buy more data… though it’s supposed to go up 500megs each year with the plan. But I assume they won’t deny you moving up to the 5gig plan for $25.

In this industry this often isn’t true because there are only 3.5 actual networks. So the small guys have to lease capacity from the big guys and then resell it.

That said, the reason I’m with Republic isn’t because they’re the cheapest. Cheap is easy. There are companies FAR cheaper than what you got at T-Mobile. I’m here because of the experience I’ve had when there are issues. Because I’ve gotten to know some of the staff. Because I love my Extend Home. Because although I don’t use it every day, I love having Anywhere in my pocket if I lose my phone. Because I find that value is more important than price and right now the value of Republic is higher to me for some of my lines, than the value of other places. (While for other lines, that’s not true so they’re with other carriers).


I have Home Connect too… only so I could shut the cell phone off at night. Otherwise I never liked its quirks… not blocking spam as well as the phone (a major problem since I ported my 25 year home number to RW) and I didn’t like the fact the phone rang in two places.

And it’s not as if RW’s spam blocking was that good. It’s another reason I just switched to TMobile… and now I finally use my BluTooth feature so I can still use the home cordless system… saving $63 a year over the RW annual plan AND 1.5 gigs more a month… hey, works for me.

@robbs At this point I think we get it. You’ve posted this at least 5 times. You’ve cross-posted it. You’ve mentioned price specifics. You’ve indicated how much you don’t like Extend Home because it works exactly the way it was designed to work but that’s not the product you wanted it to be. Only through the generosity of this community are you still posting. In most other communities posts would have been removed and by now your account would likely have been restricted. Maybe don’t keep pushing it to the point where you do end up being restricted or your posts removed.


I have found TMobile customer service is horrible. Also, the 2.5 GB for $15 is not going to last. They are going to be raising that soon. I asked them if that was a permanent price they said no, that with time it will raise as costs raise.

I had nothing but issues with getting any help to even buy their service and get a sim then more issues getting help to cancel and get my refund. Turned out the first lady never put my refund through and that was found out after literally being in touch with them all day and nobody being able to even give me an answer until finally at 9 pm they gave up and Informed me the refund never was given and are now supposedly giving it to me.

Horrible CS at TMobile. Never want to deal with them again. While I don’t like RW having me go through their ‘expert’ customers first when I have an issue, once I finally get to a RW rep they do give me help quickly. TMobile just gives the run around and lied to me about what was available trying to sell me on them for my money.

RW is concerned more about the customer …TMobile is out for the money. RW may cost a little more but this was the catch for me to stay with RW

Since I started this thread to find out about Tmobile and the difference and the experience others have had because I was considering it because I am Deaf and TMobile assured me they have Call Forwarding option which RW doesn’t have and I need for my Captioning app, I have tried them.

However, since TMobile lied to me about a lot of things and since I had a horrible experience with them in less than a week (see my above post), I wll be staying with RW.

RW is still the best and I am finding that with the VM call forwarding option, it works the same as TMobile forwarding option and if I click decline on a call coming in, it will then automatically ring to my Caption app number where I can then answer or decline the call and let it then go to VM.

So RW will still work for me well and I don’t have to fuss with a new company that only cares about money (Tmobile) and can stay with a company that cares about me (RW).

That said, this post can now be closed as I have the information I was looking for in originally posting this. I will be staying with RW who I am familiar with, who is more personal and who remains awesome.

(Sorry RW for even considering switching, but ty for encouraging me to do what works for me instead of trying to talk me into staying, that shows me that you care more about me than money and THAT is enough to keep me here) Thank you!


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