T-Mobile welcome text. Scam?

I have been a RW customer for many years. Yesterday I received a Welcome to T-Mobile, claim your free gift text. Is Republic Wireless switching to T-Mobile or could it be a spam text? Thank you.

It’s a spam message. Republic Wireless uses T-Mobile as one of their mobile carriers, but what you have received is a text designed to scam you. All official T-Mobile texts with links in them use the t-mo.co domain. Anything else is a spam link that you absolutely should not open. As you aren’t a direct customer of T-Mobile, you wouldn’t be eligible for any T-Mobile rewards, gifts, or discounts in any case. I get these spam messages on all of the T-Mobile MVNOs I’ve used. It’s not unique to Republic Wireless.


Welcome to the community. In addition to the great information provided by @cbwahlstrom above, it is a really safe rule to live by that any text message you receive notifying you that you’ve won something, are entitled to something, are owed something or anything like that is spam unless it comes from a relative, friend, etc.

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“unless it comes from a relative, friend, etc”
And even then it might still be spam or worse.

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