T-Mobile with or without roaming? Please list all current glitches

I’ve had Republic Wireless 2x in the past. Once in the original beta and when the original Moto X came out. Both were plagued with issues sometimes. I see they are now on T-mobile instead of Sprint. Does anyone have their actual coverage map without them showing the whole Wi-Fi coverage? I’m wondering if it is native T-Mobile only, or if it includes some roaming and where that may be.

If anyone can be so kind as to please post the current issues they have or have had recently it would be very helpful. I’m currently on MintSim which uses T-mobile and that coverage is good most of the time, but not always.

Both T-Mobile and Sprint coverage are available from RW but the coverage is not combined. When ordering a phone from RW they choose the most suitable carrier. Here are the maps:

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile


I’ve used both carriers. Where I live the urban coverage is about the same. There is more native coverage with T-Mobile in rural areas but Sprint roams nicely on Verizon in those areas.

The way they handle roaming is different. Sprint seems to roam on all Verizon towers but T-Mobile chooses to roam on selected towers and only where they think their coverage suffers. In my case, where I have poor coverage from both carriers at home (I use WiFi at home), the Sprint coverage goes from Home to Roam throughout the day. The T-Mobile coverage goes from Home to No Service despite the nearby strong AT & T tower. I asked T-Mobile why then didn’t roam on that tower and was told they felt their signal was adequate.

It seems to me that this roaming issue is very significant to overall user experience. I have a RW MotoX 1st gen (on the Sprint network) and my wife has a native T-Mobile phone (i.e. not Republic). As we travel the greater Cincinnati area where all of the carriers say they have good coverage, she moves from strong signal to no signal at all quite regularly. My phone will degrade and then switch to roaming and I’ll still have a connection. Now, I won’t have much in way of data access during those times, but I can make voice calls.

So, if I had to choose between the faster LTE data download speeds that TMO clearly has versus the wider voice coverage that I get with the Sprint/Verizon combination, I’d choose the latter. I guess it depends on whether you use your phone for voice or data more often.

T-Mobile’s roaming is bizarre. In one location where I did some extensive testing my S7 was Home with LTE enabled and roaming on an AT & T tower with LTE disabled. This is why the phone selection is important when looking at the T-Mobile coverage map. In that location I guess they roam in order to support non-LTE phones.

At another location (my home) it doesn’t roam on an AT & T tower even when LTE is disabled. Like you, I much prefer Sprint’s roaming.

Does anyone have their actual coverage map without them showing the whole Wi-Fi coverage?

RW coverage maps have always been based on their best estimates of cellular coverage and never were biased by WiFi coverage.

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