Tablet Calling for Sight Impaired?

Can Republic connect with a phone enabled tablet for people that are sight impaired? I have a friend that refuses to use a cell phone because they are just too small for her vision ability. I have looked up to see that yes some tablets can be used as a phone. Yes, I know, you can make the screens on a phone larger but she is an older, cranky type that has big tech issues. Smartphones tweak her crankiness. I figure she might get sold on a tablet/mini computer idea. I know she has a laptop and grudgingly uses it.

There is text on a laptop or tablet “Republic Anywhere”. Video calling on a tablet or laptop would be cool & hopefully in the future.


Hi, no. That is not an option. I am talking phone call from tablet. So it is large enough to see numbers and names. She has issues with tiny numbers and letters. Hey, I am just reaching here. No idea if it is doable. I just read that some tablets can make phone calls.

Republic currently doesn’t have calling available on a Tablet yet. The Republic Anywhere app is supposed to have this in the future, but no ETA at this time. Most cell phones do have accessibility options for the visually impaired though.


Hi @elizabethas,

As others have indicated, Republic does have plans to integrate calling into Anywhere, which is currently limited to text messaging. Even so, using Anywhere will still require active Republic service on a phone. The intent of anywhere is to extend use of one’s Republic number to additional devices (computers, tablets etc.) not to replace one’s Republic phone.

I’m not aware of tablets (other than Samsung’s Note series none of which are compatible with Republic) that are cellular phone enabled. That said (and this is outside the realm of this forum to some degree) there are over the top (OTT) Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services that can essentially turn one’s computer and/or tablet into a phone. Over the top refers to services that make use of an Internet data connection (WiFi or cell) rather than traditional cellular phone service.

Google Voice is a reasonably well known example of such an over the top service. It’s mostly free. There are other options (not free) in the market as well.

Finally, does your friend already have a phone number they wish to use? Or, would an entirely new number be acceptable?


She no longer has a cell phone. It pretty much is a hate of cell phones. i was just trying to think a way around that hate of cell phones. Yes, I know ways she can use a tablet to use magicjack but you still have to have wireless which you can’t always find on the road. Thank you for replying everyone. I appreciate your interest and the information.

Thank you for replying. Hope she is still around when it happens.

I would just note there are tablets with LTE access (not though Republic but though other providers) that one will find a Over the Top VOIP solution should work with, but just not with Republic.

I seen a few 7" tablet/phones from off brand manufacture (most likely out of China)
Can say these are quality phones but they do exist

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