Taco Tuesday

Does anyone know the specifics like does the sale start at 12:01 AM? Is there a limited quantity of the phones? Are they going to issue rainchecks for the customers who attempted to make a purchase not knowing they were sold out?I’ve saved purchases in the cart of different stores in situations like this before, would this tactic work? I’d like to purchase three phones so that’s why I’m asking.

Thank you all for all the help.



The sale is tuesday anywhere from 8am to 10am eastern timezone. The sale starts when people are ready to start answering questions and fulfilling orders. The community isn’t RW or the store, they are planning a sale I bet they have phones on hand. Just don’t forget to have a couple credit cards ready. I have heard that some cards are denied being fraudulent purchases, an inconvenience but for your protection. lets just say if it can happen it might so don’t rule anything out. World series tickets sold out in cleveland in just under 9 minutes.

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Thanks and have a good one.


It started. I just completed an order with the discount and it went smoothly.

Where are my tacos? Got my phone, but no $5 gift card towards tacos as promised? Where, and when do I get it? I want my tacos!!! :slight_smile:

Hi @jeffreyb.0zd6m1,

The tacos sold out long before the phones. . My understanding is more tacos have been secured and will be shipped separately. Enjoy!

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