Taking Moto X Pure to Ireland & UK

I am taking my moto x pure to UK for the summer can I use a SIM card from a vendor in uk any suggestions

short answer is yes you can

International Travel with a Republic Phone

Yes, you can use a local SIM card. You can also continue to use your RW phone on WiFi to call US and Canada numbers

(while your RW sim card is in the phone)…you can keep swapping the two SIM cards as per your needs.

See here for more detailed info

International Travel with a Republic Phone

Hi @kimc.wewz9y,

For a UK service provider, I suggest taking a look at Three. And, depending how much time you’ll be spending in Ireland, perhaps, Tesco.

We’re you successful? Which sim did you buy?

We had a marvelous time. We had two republic wireless Moto X Pure phones and we purchased two SIM cards from Three (3.ie). The cards were twenty Euros each and Had unlimited talk, texting, & data. We had two cars and used google maps and talked endlessly.


Terrifically! Did you purchase in Europe or US?

I’ve used Three in the UK. Three UK SIMs can be purchased on eBay. I’ve never tried to purchase a Three SIM for Ireland in the U.S. Three UK SIMs purchased in the U.S. (and a bunch of others) can be topped up here: https://www.mobiletopup.co.uk

The Three Irish SIM at €20 is detailed here: http://www.three.ie/eshop/sim-only-plans/prepay-sim-only.

More on Three in the UK here: http://www.three.co.uk/Store/SIM/Pay_As_You_Go.

If your travels will be taking you elsewhere in Europe Three’s Feel at Home might be of interest: http://www.three.co.uk/feel-at-home.

Thanks! I’m going to Ireland and UK - one SIM for both? Nothing can be easy!

It’s entirely possible to use a single SIM for both the UK and Ireland but may be more cost effective to use a country specific SIM in each.

The €20 Three Irish SIM is promotional. Cell data is unlimited in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) (Northern Ireland is part of the UK) but capped at 5GB outside the ROI. On net calls are unlimited in Ireland. On net means both phones are on Three’s network. There would be a per minute rate for calls to other networks (including Three’s UK network but it’s unclear from Three’s Irish site what those might be. When I click the Terms and Conditions link I get an error.

Three’s UK plans work differently. Unlimited data, if needed, is £25 but both calls and texts are metered on all Three UK prepay plans. Generous data allocations and metered calls and texts are the rule in Europe where the reverse tends to be the case here in the U.S. Three UK’s per minute rates to Irish numbers is 3p (that’s pence) per minute, which certainly isn’t outrageous.

Bottom line, you’d likely do fine using a single Three UK SIM in both the UK and Republic of Ireland. That €20 promotion for the Irish SIM is quite attractive though. At today’s exchange rates it’s roughly $50 for both.

Where are you traveling first, the UK or Republic of Ireland?

That’s great - spending a week in Ireland then week in Cornwall this September. Don’t think I’ll need it much

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