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I have a MOTO G5 Plus. Is it open so that I can move to another provider plus how can I tell what mobile network I’m on now. Thank you.

Hi @deborahw.smx4oo and thank you for dropping into the Community!

Your Moto G5 Plus is North American factory unlocked and may be activated on the network of any service provider willing to do so. You’re not limited to a particular cellular network.

Regarding which of Republic’s network partners is providing your cellular coverage, please see here: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help.

Finally, if the reason for the question is a less than satisfactory experience with Republic and there’s anything the Community and/or Republic might do to address that, the opportunity to do so would be appreciated.

Someone calls my phone and it goes straight to voicemail. Thought at first it happened when I was not on WIFI but this week the phone and I were in the same room and it didn’t ring. My Fitbit knows a call is coming in but my Republic phone won’t let me know. I do get calls that ring but not getting all is annoying.

Have you been able to discern a specific pattern, perhaps, certain contacts only? Does the experience occur at certain times of day?

So, to confirm, you’ve had this unfortunate experience on both WiFi and cell?

Your Fitbit is paired to your Republic phone via Bluetooth? You consistently receive notifications of incoming calls on the Fitbit for the calls going straight to voicemail but your phone doesn’t ring?

I appreciate the experience would be frustrating.

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