Taking Wife's Old Republic Phone--Do I need a new simcard for it?

I am getting my wife a new phone (and have ordered her a sim card for it). On her old Moto phone, I am going take it. Can I just use the phone and update the accpunt info in the app? Or will the phone need a new sim card, too? Thanks.

Can you tell us which Model and Generation of Moto phone she’s passing on to you?

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Her old phone is a Moto G Plus (5th Generation)–and it is currently a Republic Wireless phone–just under her.

That is a very new “old phone”. You take very good care of your wife. :grin:

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Happy Wife … Happy Life :thinking:

If both phones will be using the GSM network the new SIM can be installed in the new phone and activated as a replacement for her current number. You can then reactivate the older phone. The original SIM must be reactivated within 20 days.

Is the current G5 Plus on the GSM network or the CDMA network? If you are unsure you can install SignalCheck Lite and it will tell show provider as Sprit if on CDMA or T-Mobile if on GSM. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blueline.signalchecklite&hl=en If on CDMA it will complicate matters a bit and please let us know. There would be a few more steps involved we could help you with and Support might need to supply a replacement SIM.


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