Talk and Text ONLY for kids - NO Cell OR WiFi Data wanted

If signing up for the Talk & Text ONLY plan ($15 +taxes)/ month, what does that enable the user to do with their phone?
I am looking for options for a child that would use the phone ONLY for talking and simple texting.
NO DATA USE…NO Youtube, NO Snapchat, NO Email, etc.
Just Phone calls and SMS texts.

Is that what the limitations of this plan?
I don’t want it to even be an option for data use…not even while connected to WiFi.

No, that’s not what the plan is. The plan provides no data on cellular, but the phone can be connected to wifi and those apps used.

To control the phone in that way you would need to use a parental control software.

Google has one (I haven’t tried):

And there are numerous others. I’ve personally used both Qustodio and Kaspersky Safe Kids successfully.


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