Target app: Anyone else having a problem adding their cell number to it?

I contacted Target’s support and they said that they don’t allow voip numbers.

Anyone have a work around?

Hi @michaelp.opsodq,

If Target won’t bend, I’m afraid the workaround would be to take your business elsewhere. I’m referring to dropping Target not Republic.

Please allow me to provide some context. Republic Android numbers are indeed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Republic’s use of VoIP is part of the nature of its’ blended WiFi/cell service.

Some service providers object to VoIP numbers because according to the FCC, they are landlines (wireline is the more correct industry term) and these providers believe VoIP numbers are incapable of receiving text messages. There is nothing Republic can do to change this regulatory classification. As you know, your Republic number is fully capable of receiving both calls and text messages.

Other service providers believe VoIP numbers are a security risk. They are wrong about this, however, Republic cannot control the policy decisions of others.


What are you trying to do with the app that requires phone number? I downloaded and installed the app…and it didn’t ask me for a number.

As a target card member… I have had this issue one time where I called them for some customer service and had to request a code for verification of some stuff and they refused to send it to RW
because of the VOIP classification. Fortunately, I was able to request the code through a phone call to my primary landline.

Hi @amitl,

There’s additional functionality (“easy earning in store”) associated with providing your mobile number in the app:


It consistently fails to accept VoIP numbers (including Google Voice numbers).



No, it won’t take my Google Voice number either. I feel like more and more places are no longer accepting VOIP numbers. I finally ported out my main # from GV because of this (and some other issues). I can’t even get AMC to text my movie tickets to a VOIP number!

I think Google Fi uses a shadow number like Republic but I never got as many issues with a Fi number as I did with Republic #. I wonder if there is something on the back end that can be done.

There is nothing on the back end Republic might do short of changing its business model (and, thereby, likely increasing costs). Republic numbers are on the VoIP network of its former corporate parent

Google Fi numbers are on T-Mobile’s network. One might note the base charge for unlimited talk and text on Fi is $20, which is $5 more than Republic’s $15.

Yes, the cost is one of the reasons the kids are on Republic but if it becomes more and more difficult to use Republic numbers with companies. The cost difference may no longer be worth it.

That’s a choice each of us must make. I’ve yet to run into a service that refused my Republic number I couldn’t find an alternative for or live without.

I have this issue as well. Might be nice if someone at Republic Wireless reached out to Target to discuss the issue.

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