TCL Phones new to the Market

I know Republic supports lots of brands and different phones. Has there been any talk of supporting TCL phones? They used to release their products through Alcatel, but are releasing phones themselves now (

They make excellent affordable TVs, with quality components, so I Imagine their phones would be similar. The specs on the attached phone are excellent for the price point!

Good morning. We haven’t heard anything about TCL phones but Republic is usually very tight lipped until there’s actually something specific to announce. So, not hearing anything could mean they’re not being considered or Republic could announce support tomorrow, we have no way to know for sure.

That said, and this is MY OPINION ONLY. TCL remains a very very very niche player in the US. When measuring phone sales in the US the analysts break the market in to Apple, Samsung, Moto/Lenovo, LG and then “Other”. That other section includes everyone from Nokia to TCL to Xiaomi, etc. All of the others combined range from 8-10% of phones sold, depending on the quarter with no single vendor breaking 4%. All that is to say that TCL sells very very few phones in the US and so, AGAIN OPINION ONLY, I doubt Republic is spending its very limited resources to try and bring on their phones. That said, I was very surprised by the Alcatel phone offered in the past, so who knows.

You can let Republic know you’d like TCL phones considered at this survey: Survey: Bring Your Own Approved Phone (

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