Teacher discount


Is this promotion just for this week? Also does this promotion only apply for one line of service?

Educator Discount

Hi @akerson23hu,

It is not limited to this week. You can learn more, here:

There’s also contact information available at that link.


Thank you, southpaw. I should also be thanking RW for offering such a great promotion.

I did read through the site you sent but couldn’t find the answer to my second question. Does this promotion rate only apply to one line? Thanks!


Hi @akerson23hu,

Sorry, I didn’t mean to just avoid your question. When you click the link on that page to sign up, there’s an E-mail address specific to this promotion. I don’t want to post it here, because that team cannot answer support questions. They can, however, answer any question you have about this promotion.


Is the teacher discount only available to new members? My teacher wife is a beta member and she’s been a teacher the entire time we’ve been members.


My understanding is the offer is available to current as well as new members. Your wife will want to direct email to the E-mail address given on the sign-up form from her work email. If her work email is not the email address linked to her Republic account, I suggest she reference that email as well.

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Hi @jeremyt,

The discount is available to existing members, but will replace the Beta Member discount.

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Support staff…does that mean people like me who work in an IT department for a private, non profit post secondary institution? And once I give up my beta discount, it’s gone forever?

And I should spread the news?


K-12 only.

No, however, one would need to ask it be reinstated.

Entirely up to you.


Got it. I saw an article that claimed post secondary was included…



My wife is an educator and the new educator discout sounds great. Can we get this added to her account or is this only for new lines?


Hi @tylerc.4a8rca,

I’ve moved your question into this existing conversation on the same topic, so we can focus the conversation in one place.

The discount applies to both new and existing members, but has to be manually added to existing service lines. Please open the sign-up form using the button on https://landing.republicwireless.com/educators and you’ll find instructions for existing members on that form.


Thanks so much! Missed those details when I first read through that screen.

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My wife and I have been Republic Wireless customers for several years. I recently received an email about the educator discount. We both work at a private school. How can we get in on this?


Hi @jorgev.aqfd18,

I’ve moved your question into this existing topic about the discount so we can focus the conversation in one place.

The E-mail you received included a link to the informational page about the discount:

That page includes a sign-up button:

When you click that button, there are instructions for existing members.


My wife is a teacher, the account is in my name, how do I get the teachers discount for her? We have three phones on the account, I have the My Choice = 3 GB, she and our daughter have the WiFi and Cell Talk and Text and 3G Data. Can she get the teachers discount for her phone without changing her plan? Also, in regards to monthly plans, can I change the automatic draft from one account to come out of a different account? Thank you, Dan


If you have questions on how to add it to a current account send a email to the address in the link


Is the educator Appreciation Program discount going to be an ongoing program or is this a 1 time discount?


Hi @matthewa.4c75r0!

Nowhere did it indicate that it was temporarry which would lead me to believe this is going to be an ongoing thing. When you visit the page here and click the “Signup” button, it gives an email that you contact to be sure.



The bottom of https://landing.republicwireless.com/educators says the discount will be applied through at least May 31 of 2020.

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