Team building? Escape!

Our online support team took a couple of hours for an off-site, team-building exercise at Raleigh Room Escapes. We learned a lot about how we work together as a team and how our individual strengths are good, but as a team we’re even better.

Yes, we also had a lot of fun.

(Don’t worry, we represent just a portion of our support team, we didn’t leave our members to fend for themselves!)

The premise of this room was a bit morbid, based on the legend of the Devil’s Tramping Ground. We didn’t lose anyone, though!

Did we escape?

But of course! And, might I add, with eight seconds to spare!

Have you ever experienced an escape room? Did you learn anything about yourself or your team? Have you tried other team-building experiences that successfully strengthened your team?


Looked line you guys had fun
our work is currently debating doing an escape room as a team building / get out of work and celibate a product launch, with the other option being bomb bowling (aka fowling, or bowling with a football replacing the bowling ball)

I not sure I would have fun at an escape room (I’m claustrophobic and don’t like be lock in places )

We did one of these with my company a few years, I ended up in an Edgar Allen Poe themed room. The other rooms employees ended up in were a mummy themed room, the “wizard’s apothecary” and a Sherlock Holmes room.

We had a great time, although only one of the four teams made it out in the time limit.

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Did one of these with my workgroup. We had the challenge of thieves escaping from an art gallery after the alarm went off. Didn’t make it out on time. It was fun but I don’t think we learned any lasting lessons.

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I’ll agree with this assessment. It’s only been about a year, but I can’t even remember which co-workers I was in the room with or which ones of us worked together in the best ways, or which ones I wanted to kill, for that matter.


Well, not formally, but drinking with coworkers until stupid has done more for team building than anything else that’s been tried during my career. Today, however, our workgroup is volunteering at a food bank.

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Sounds fun! I have always wanted to try one of these, but I haven’t yet. I figured that wouldn’t be too much fun if I went by myself.

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Ah, but some of us don’t have to drink to be stupid; it just comes naturally.

That is another good example. Our office often does that as well, not in groups defined as teams on our org chart, but as a way to mix with staff we might not interact with on a daily basis. I joined a group not long ago to sort food and then deliver it, and found it to be a valuable way to spend an extended lunch hour. You’re doing something worthwhile and getting to know colleagues outside of the office.


Lesson - crime doesn’t pay.

Thanks, but no … I did my time living in a government sponsored ‘escape room’ (they called them Submarines). Did have fun preparing for my 1st Nuclear Sub … we went through the 100’ escape water tower (essentially, take a deep breath then leave the pressurized hatch at surface -100’ … exhale all the way to the top, no breathing apparatus, no life line)
ETA: I would report that the passing years (many) may have dramatically altered my idea of fun :grinning:


Impressive @jben.

That’s really deep. Only one way to fail that test. Glad you passed!


I have tried Bombed bowling! I score better drunk!


i love all of you. simply kind people being awesome.


Have you ever tried a photo scavenger hunt as team building? It’s so much fun, and in the end you have a ton of photos to prove it! Check out FrogQuest ( if this sounds interesting. They divide your group into teams and give each team a list of challenges to complete. You take a photo to prove you completed each challenge then submit them to their judges, who review every photo, live, and sometimes award bonus points. There’s a slideshow and awards presentation at the end. The team with the most points wins.

Some of the challenges might be…
– get a picture of a teammate in the thumb war with a police officer
– get a picture of your team with a stranger wearing a toilet paper turban
– get a picture of your team planking in some fun public place
– etc

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We’ve done these before, and I agree, they can be fun and a good team building exercise. Because my company is based in NYC, they’ve traditionally been in the city. The one time it was a big dud was August in NYC when it was 100 degrees and the teams all decided to lose and sit in an air conditioned bar instead. Actually, the team building aspect was still pretty good, but the scavenger hunt was a dud!


Being outside in the heat can ■■■■, but a lot of these can be done inside as well, especially in a bar where there’s a lot of people to help.

I don’t consider sitting in a bar with A/C , Food & drink a loss. Maybe a consolation prize but definitely not a loss.

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