Tech Support has not responded to our help ticket submission in over 24 hours

Does anyone have any clue what’s happened to tech support?

Hi @markh.4gqbic,

We’re currently experiencing a very high volume of questions, and especially of people contacting us through all of our possible channels, which doubles and triples the amount of work our agents must do, serving people multiple times for the same question.

I’ve let the supervisors responsible for your ticket know that the delay in response is excessive. I apologize for the wait you have experienced.

I want to suggest that if you as the account owner would like someone other than yourself to interact with our help team in a ticket that’s in your name, you will need to grant permission in the ticket for the agents to work with that other person on your behalf. Doing so will help prevent security concerns that may further delay you from getting the help you need.

Thanks. Our son is having the issue and has access to our account. I will specifically open the ticket activity and grant permission.

@southpaw I have now granted permission in the ticket for the help team to interact directly with my son. FWIW, a phone call would be the preferred method since he cannot make calls nor access the RW app in any way. His contact with RW at this point is limited to his laptop access after he gets off work.

It looks like we’ve escalated the ticket to a team who is more responsive, and you’ve been in touch with them to make sure all points of contact are understood, so I’ll refrain from intervening further.

We could also troubleshoot with your son in Community, and I know you have another topic describing his issue. I’ve not been able to connect what you’re describing with any solution I can think of, so it might be helpful if he can post in that topic with some screenshots or something to better help us understand what he’s seeing. But sometimes troubleshooting in Community as well as in a ticket makes matters worse, so he may just want to focus on working in his ticket when he is available.