Techies a big problem Google servers


After talking with google and being shuffled over to motorola, I thought my problems were solved. This super factory reset of my moto e has made the problem of Unfortunately, google services has stopped into to an absolute nightmare!

Now my phone can’t access Google servers at all so no way to update things from within the gui. So can’t download anything can’t update republic barely can make calls. Great! I will admit it is an opportunity to learn.


A quick internet search found some things that may help:

Google Play Services Has stopped message continually popping up on my Samsung phone - Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange



I was shunted to level 2 tier motorola which means pretty serious stuff. I’ve done dalik cache clears, I’ve done factory resets, I’ve updated google play, which won’t update now without google services. And now republic wireless app is acting up. So my entire disk image is messed up. This is not a quick fix. I’m not even sure how to go about putting services back on unless I can find a copy for the moto e and bluetooth it over, because obviously every app including gmail is not working and it is factory reset so no possibility of adding apps without the google servers. ack it now is a neon brick one that turns on and does nothing.


Sorry to hear you are having these issues @markg.goyjub , that E1 sounds like it’s putting you through some aggravation.

Have you been in contact with RW Support?.

Republic Help


Hi @markg.goyjub,

We saw the same thing before with the DEFY XT, and it’s not too difficult to fix. I’ll be glad to help you through it, but will need to do so late tonight.


Hi @markg.goyjub,

I’ve sent you a Direct Message to your Community inbox, here:


My sincerest thanks! The fix did work. Now maybe I can update it to lollipop like my other moto e (won’t hold my breath)