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So, what do we need to do to get the new Techless Wisephone compatible with Republic Wireless, or even sold on Republic’s phone store? Techless has created a new, simplified, distraction free phone that has the same simplicity and human-centric philosophy that Republic brings to its phone service. A marriage between these two products would be ideal for those of us looking for a cleaner way to navigate the future of tech. Can someone at Republic help me get this on your feedback log? Thanks!

Hi @michael.f,

With coming changes to our service, we’re no longer taking requests for phones to be considered for BYOP. We’ll be publishing an expanded list of supported phones in the coming weeks, as well as additional information about phones that don’t make the officially supported list.



Thank you, that’s helpful. Although, I wasn’t actually making a request for a BYOP. I was hoping that Republic would see Techless as a phone maker with a complementary vision. I want to buy the Wisephone from Republic, not bring my own! I think Republic and Techless’ innovative visions for our relationship with smartphone technology is enormously synergistic, and I’d like to advocate the Wisephone being added to the stock of Republic compatible phones. It’s not just wanting another phone option; it’s that both companies I think would greatly enhance each other’s products. It’s really good from a business pov.


A phone that will likely sell a number of units in a year that is significantly less than the major makers sell in a day is really challenging to describe as “good from a business pov”.

Well, I came to Republic Wireless seven years ago because I was looking for a service provider outside of the “major providers” that cared about more than selling a certain number of widgets. Republic is a about a philosophy, of access and service and healthy engagement with technology. The partnership between an indie provider like Republic and an indie manufacturer like Techless is good business, because they mutually reinforce each other’s sales and philosophies. I don’t want major maker phones, and I don’t want major providers, and that’s why I’m with Republic in the first place.

Good business models try to make money. That means partnering with providers that appeal to the masses. I don’t see Techless in that category. “Feel good” relationships don’t pay the bills.

Maybe, under the new model, it will just “work.” We’ll have to see.

Just my $.02

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