Temporarily changing phones


I have a Moto X 1 on a refund plan that is being repaired. My wife has a Moto E 2nd Gen that is on a wifi/cell talk plan. Can I use her phone as a replacement on my plan and phone number just until my phone is repaired? How do I accomplish this? I will reinstate her phone and plan when repair is finished.


You may want to open a Support ticket and ask to have the numbers swapped. There are other ways to accomplish the same but require more effort on your part unless her RW number is given up.


Hi @hossie
I agree with @williamo.vkbg0s to open a support ticket and have the numbers swapped. If you try to do it on your own the wife’s number would have to be parked with a 3rd party that may cost a couple dollars, or forfeit her number if it gets lost in the system.


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