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I am still on the old plan and want to keep it but I am going on a road trip and need data for one week so I can use the maps app. Can I change to a data plan for one week then go back to my usual plan?

I use to be able to do that but with the chages I don’t know how to do it anymore.


Hi @jodyn.jpco6m!

I am not sure which of the two legacy plans you are on. However, in either case, you can buy data. If you have the unlimited 1.0 plans, then just switch to the $25 or $40 plan and then switch back when you don’t need it anymore. You won’t be charged the full amount if you switch before your bill cycle. If you are on the 2.0 refund plan, then add a one-time data purchase of however much you would like (I.e. 500mb). With the 2.0 refund plan, you will be refunded for any unused data when your next bill cycle comes around. In any of these cases, you can add the data or switch plans via the Republic app on your phone. You can read about switching on 1.0 here: Republic Wireless 1.0 & Beta Plans and 2.0 here: Republic Wireless Plans 2.0: Republic Refund. Hope that helps!


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I am not on either of those plans. I still have the no data just talk and text for $11 a month. I really like it and it works well for me but since I am traveling alone with my kids to CA it would be nice to have data for the maps. I don’t have those options on my phone. I watched the movie clip on how to do it but mine doesn’t have that.


Hi @jodyn.jpco6m

Not to contradict you, but you must be on one of those plans, as no others exist for that price.

@mb2x posted the links ( instructions) that will be relevant to your situation.

Another option would be to just download your destination / itinerary to the phone itself, eliminating the need for data. However having cellular data while traveling to unknown parts is comforting.

Hi @jodyn.jpco6m!

I used to be on the $10 plan on both 1.0 and 2.0 so I definitely understand the need to get some data ! I did it a couple of times on various trips. Anyway, here are some instructions:

  1. Open the Republic App

  2. Sign in (if necessary)

  3. Go to the little 4 vertical bar “Cell Data” menu.

  4. It should give you options to “Change Plan” (for 1.0 unlimited) or buy one-time data bucket (or something like that-for 2.0 Refund plans).

  5. Click the appropriate button and follow the prompts.

As @c1tobor mentioned, you can also read the guides mentioned above. Have a terrific evening!


Hi @jodyn.jpco6m,

Could you let us know what you’re seeing in your app instead of the steps @mb2x listed?

I also see that you’ve opened a support ticket and our team will be able to help you there.

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