Temporary closure of our online store

The Republic Wireless online store is temporarily closed while we make preparations for some exciting improvements for our members!

If you need to replace a phone that is lost, stolen, or damaged, please contact our Help Team by opening a Help Ticket.

Need to replace a phone quickly? Our Community can help you confirm the compatibility of a phone purchased elsewhere under our Bring-Your-Own-Phone program and whether the SIM card you are currently using can be moved to a replacement phone.

If you have questions or concerns, please reply below.


It would be good if the “stay tuned” page includes a starting date to make it clearer…and projected time frame…as in…Nov 16th - Early December…or something along those lines

I would have to ask … which part of this message could be made clearer?


I think it should state more clearly that just the online store is closed. That is not obvious with the current page. A webpage devoid of an entity’s logo or title at the top is not very confidence inspiring for me… informed minds can differ on this. You have to scroll half way down the page to find out that links to Account and Forums still exist.

Logging in to the account…still gives you links to shop for phones…which go back to the “stay tuned” page… you can’t give someone a link to “shop for phones” and then say…“stay tuned for updates”…the originating link has to be fixed to state that “shop online…is not available at this time”


‘Early December’? Over two weeks away, minimum? The fact that we’d have to open a help ticket to get a new phone is absolutely ridiculous.

My phone just broke last night and the last thing I want to do is jump through hoops or comment on forums to replace it. I’ve been a republic member since it started but am really finding fewer & fewer reasons to stick with it. Incredible frustrating experience.


What model or type of phone are you looking for?

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It really isn’t much in the way of hoops. All you need to do is open a ticket which many customers do anyway first thing when they have an issue with their devices.

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Hi @sequoia,

Very sorry for the inconvenience and that the timing coincided with your phone’s demise. If it’s any help, no Help Ticket is necessary if your broken phone has a GSM SIM card - you can pick up a phone from our BYOP list at your favorite local or online electronics store and move your SIM card to it.


Thank you @southpaw for posting that link. It would be nice if that BYOP list was accessible from the current Republic Wireless website. If there’s a link on the main website, I cannot find it.

The BYOP List is normally accessible through the shopping selection on RW’s main page, but that disappeared when the store was closed temporarily. The list is still available from the main page, but by a different route. On republicwireless.com, scroll down just a bit to the section “In the meantime, continue browsing the site.” Click on “Help.” In the page that opens, scan down to “Featured” at lower left. Click on “Republic Wireless Phones.” That opens the phone list.

My moto E3 is starting to break down. The letter S &S don’t work, and this morning the left side of the screen would not work when unlocking the phone.
How do I order a new phone with the republic store closed ?
S & D

Hi @richardp.k00x3x,

Welcome to our Member Community. I’ve moved your post into another topic that was more relevant to your question.

If you’re an existing member with Republic Wireless, our Help Team may be able to assist you with a manual order, however, we are suspending even that process as we move into the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Moto E3 is not a Republic Wireless supported phone, so it’s hard for me to say with certainty what to do about getting you a SIM card. If you are using the Republic app version 3.0, you can determine the type of SIM card in the phone by following these steps:

If it is GSM, then you can move that SIM card to another supported phone. The replacement phone can come from Amazon, Best Buy, Motorola, B&H… or your favorite place to shop for phones, so long as it is on our Support Phones list.

I have belonged to Republic for a few years. Bought my moto E4 from Republic. My sim card is a GSM.

Hi @richardp.k00x3x,

Since your SIM is GSM, it can be moved to another Republic compatible phone. As mentioned, Republic compatible phones are available from sources other than Republic itself. If you’d like guidance for sourcing a Republic compatible phone from a third party retailer, please let us know.

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