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I’d like to temporarily disconnect service for one of my Republic wireless phones… What is the fee to reconnect?

Hi @blackberrysmoke!

There are no activation fees or termination fees. However, be aware that by canceling service (even if it’s temporary) you will lose your number if you don’t port it away. Also, if you are on one of the 3.0 plans, you will have to buy a new Republic SIM as they can’t be reactivated at this time. If you are interested in porting the number to a phone number parking service (this does cost a few dollars a month), I have used Number Barn and they seem to do a good job. Hope that helps! Merry Christmas!



Which phone and plan do you have? I would set the phone on the cheapest plan available because turning it off is canceling the account and you will lose your number if you don’t save it somehow.

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Hi @blackberrysmoke

Republic Wireless does not have a “pause” or “suspend” account option.

However, if you could give us (the community) a little more information (in general) such as which phone/plan you are referring to, we will be happy to offer suggestions and/or advise regarding your best course of action.

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The reason I want to disconnect temp., is because my son failed his math class, it’s an agreement we have.

Since you own a legacy device, don’t worry about the SIM card. Before canceling, I would recommend porting the number to a parking service so you don’t lose it. Also, as @c1tobor pointed out, if you are receiving the Beta discount on that line, you will lose the discount permanently upon cancellation. Other than those things, you should be good to cancel it.


I would switch it to the lowest plan available $5 1.0 plan 0r $10 2.0 plan and not lose the number then lock the phone up in a safe or gun cabinet possibly even a tool box.

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There a $5 plan for 2.0 one just can not get to it till the next billing date

I would point out that NumberBarn (which I’ve used as well) has a $5 porting fee plus a minimum of $2/month to park the number. If this “suspension” is intended to be short-term, I think the $5 WiFi only plan is the better bet.

If it was a month or less than the $5 plan would be the better option. If it is over a month, I think the Number Barn option will be a few dollars cheaper.

Well at two months, one would be a $1 ahead. Not sufficiently worth it in my opinion to go to the hassle of porting out then back in but to each their own.

Well, if you include taxes it would be more than $1 . You are right though. It would be a lot of hassle for a few dollars. I guess I am just that cheap. I am a college student-what can I say?

Cloud Numbers, Toll-Free Numbers, Forwarding Numbers by VOIPO $4 ahead at the end of 2 months.

Are you sure about that? Looks like to get the $3/month rate, one must pay $36 for the year in advance. Otherwise, $4.95/month, so $0.10 ahead after 2 months.


Just put a parental control on the phone locking down everything but calls to/and from home. I think having a locked down phone is actually more punishment than taking it away. It.s like having the keys to a car with a boot on a tire, one can sit in it and play the radio but other than that it’s not much fun.

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this and a downgrade to the $5 plan is what I would do (still a few years off as the Wife and I have agreed no phone until he’s in Middle School which is in 3.5 years in our district)

we also do this on his WiFi tablet today it’s only unlock during certain hours and if he misbehaves it get’s lock down during that time also ( we can also unlock it during off time if he has earn it by going above what is expected of him (a carrot can be just as useful as the stick)

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