Temporary Sim swap with Amazon Prime XT1625 and my broken Moto Z Play?

I have a broken digitizer on my Moto Z Play [black screen]. I found a used G4 4th Gen[01016NAAZN] and would like to use my current Sim until I get around to replacing my Z Play digitizer and eventually swapping it back once I get it fixed. My question…Does RW have any issue with doing such a swap?

XT1625 should be compatible. Just swap the SIM, load the Republic Wireless app, and have at it.


The Z play sim card is nano size while the G4 requires a micro size SIM card. If you have saved the original
credit card size card that the original sim card came in, you can find the outline to put around the nano card to make it fit in a micro sized slot…otherwise you will need a nano to micro adapter to use the sim card in the G4.


Feel confident with picking up the XT1625 now, also nice to know about nano adapter ahead of time.

Thanks, Pat


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