Temporary Texting Workaround

Little tip that I found out while waiting for my 5.0 plan to activate: even if your previous service has already cancelled your account, you can still use texting on Wi-Fi without any interruption on those conversations that you had activated chat features on before starting the transfer. I still cannot call or text normally, but those chats are still working.

Hope this helps those stuck in cell limbo like me.

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The issue here is:

  1. You have to have chat enabled before the service was terminated (as you indicated)
  2. The person at the other end has to have chat enabled (and be on Android)
  3. This only works until the next time Google checks the SIM on the device which could be minutes, hours or at the very most 72 hours from the time the service to the SIM is terminated.

No one should rely on this as a reliable means of fallback. It may work, but there’s also a high chance it won’t.

Also, there is something else here… When porting a number you must have active service on the previous line and until the number actually ports, the previous carrier shouldn’t turn off service in any way. You should have seamless service from the old carrier to the new one, so there shouldn’t be a situation where this is needed. If there is, something has gone terribly wrong.

I took the liberty to move this from Tips & Tricks to Problem Solving, if this later becomes verified fact, then it can be moved back

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I’ve moved it back to #tips. :dizzy:

Problem Solving is not meant to be for posts that offer a way to solve a problem, but for problems that need a solution that will then be marked “correct.”

The “Tip” is appreciated, @Checklist. Many who already had RCS chats going with friends may not have even thought to look at their phones and see if the conversations could be continued.