Ten-day Taco Challenge



As we settle into our new Community space, we’re challenging you to complete a quick and easy tutorial that will walk you through some of the basics of how to use the forum. The tutorial takes about 10 minutes, and each day from June 9 until June 18 we’ll randomly select 5 members who have completed the tutorial and award them a $5 Taco Bell gift card!

  • Send a Direct Message (DM)** to “discobot” with the text “Start New User.”
  • A few moments after you send it, our friendly robot Discobot will respond and begin walking you through some basics of how our forum works.
  • Once you successfully complete the tutorial, you’ll earn the “Certified” Community Badge and you’ll appear on this list.
  • We’ll randomly award 5 Taco Bell gift cards each evening* of the challenge from those members on the “Certified” list.

If you have any questions or need help with the tutorial, just reply below.

* Evening will mean sometime after 5pm and before 11:59 pm ET each day. On June 18, the final selection will take place after 11:00 pm ET. Winners will be listed in this thread and contacted by DM.

**To send a DM, just click your avatar in the top, right corner of the screen, and then click the little envelope icon.

Then click the “Message” button near the top of the page.

Using the message editor that opens at the bottom of your screen, compose a message to “discobot,” give it a subject, and type “Start new user” in the message body. Then click the “Message” button at the bottom.

Discobot will respond to your message and will lead you through the tutorial. ​

Welcome to the Republic Wireless Community
How do i start a new topic?


Reminds me of the Republic Toco :wink: Good luck everybody!


That was fun. There’s definitely a learning curve here, but I do like the new Community.


I got stuck and had to skip the last step. I couldn’t get it to recognize that I searched the phrase.


done :southpawpoms:


had same issue when I cut and paste it had to type it in with the keyboard


Yeah. I pasted it and it didn’t work. I then typed it and I saw the message come up. I tapped on it, but discobot didn’t recognize it. I tried it multiple times.


when I typed it it gave me two post with the term in (my opening and it last post ) one need to select their opening post (it changed that post)


Yep! I see you on the list!

(For those who prefer not to post publicly: it’s not necessary to post in this thread once you’ve completed the challenge. You’ll automatically show up on the Certified list.)


Awww. I’m feeling left out. I don’t have the button to create a new message.

So, I click my profile picture, then the envelope icon. I get the list of Messages (which is empty). There is no button at the top of the page for starting the message editor.

Some kind of permission thing?


Hi @jimk,

Sorry about that!
Please refresh and try again. Any better?


Yep! Whatever you did seems to have fixed it!


Well, looks like we have pretty good odds for winning tonight - 5 prizes, and 10 entries! (I’m ignoring staff. @seanr doesn’t need any tacos.)

We’ll do the first drawing around 10:30 ET tonight, so there’s still time to get qualified. For tonight’s drawing, I’ll need a volunteer or two, so if you’ll be online then and want to volunteer, go ahead and speak up!


Volunteer for…?


To help me draw the names.

(I don’t know if someone eligible to win should be drawing names, though.)


Yeah :slight_smile:


Ok. Here’s how we’ll do this.

I have dropped the 11 eligible usernames into an online tool that scrambles them into a different order, and loaded that list into a Google Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet shows its history, so y’all know I didn’t engineer the sheet to match the names. (I did type “Winner” as we went along, so the last timestamp is not when the list was made!)

The spreadsheet is created here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MzKBK2kgofIgLVpbNHAebstuJqyevY_YiQjjiE_p3UQ/edit?usp=sharing

and I will make it visible to the public after the names are drawn.

I think I have a couple of volunteers on the way… Let me just check to make sure there are no last-second entries.


OK, I’m here, now what?


Hi @carlh!

You will pick our first Taco Challenge winner. Please pick an integer between 1 and 11, inclusive. (and then reply here with that number…)