Ten Simple Things to do to Keep Your Phone Perky


This list could be longer, but it’s pared down to keep things easy.

  1. Uninstall all those “neat” apps that you don’t use any more. They can take up precious space, eat data and load your phone with advertisements.

    a. If you can’t uninstall unwanted apps. Disable them and then tap on Force Stop. If you have an older phone and don’t use Hangouts. Disabling and Forcing it to Stop will prevent the warning message “Hangouts Has Stopped Working” from popping up. Be careful what you Disable, DO NOT Disable essential apps, such as the following:

    Google Services
    Google Play Store
    Republic Wireless
    Any System Apps

  2. Rein in the the apps you want to keep.

    a. Turn off background data on third party apps - Some apps default to consume background data and track location. You can turn these off by going to Setting > Apps > Find the app > Permissions. Here you can adjust permissions and background data usage. You can also adjust…

    b. Notifications. Why do some apps need access to notifications? To tell the other player that you made a move, posted a photo, added a comment, etc? That’s one possibility or is it so they can chuck advertisements in your face? That’s another possibility. Ask yourself, do you really need to know if the other player made a move, posted a photo or made a comment, several times a day? Turning off Notifications, just might (no guarantee) stop those pop-up ads that vex so many of us.

  3. Back up your text messages then delete what you don’t need. Text message failures are one of the biggest problems many have with their phones. “Failed to sends” can clog the system like cement in the plumbing. Using this SMS Backup and Restore app, (link below) you can back them up to the cloud, Dropbox, Drive or send them to yourself via email. Once you’re satisfied you saved your pictures and conversations, (forgive me for sounding like a Cyberman) delete, delete, delete. With the app you can schedule daily backups to the cloud of your choice. The apps will also back up MMS, but it’s best to save those precious pictures yourself first. Give those pictures a long press and save them on your phone or to the cloud.


  4. Update your system! I hate Kit Kat, I hate Lollipop, I hate Nougat! Yes, there is much to be desired with each OS update. There is no perfect OS, for security we need to update our system. Updated systems with updated apps keeps the phone in a healthy state and you will experience less malfunctions.

  5. Make it a practice to restart your phone once a week. This clears RAM (Random-Access Memory). If you’ve used your phone a lot over a course of a few days, RAM gets used up and may slow down the phone. Restarting the phone clears RAM and keeps the phone perky.

    a. If your phone is a “legacy” phone or a newer phone on CDMA network, make it a habit to update Profile and PRL before restarting the phone. Do this while connected to WiFi.

  6. So you don’t run out of space on your phone, move your photos to SD card or to your computer. I keep a high performance, high heat rated SD card on my phone, (will cover more on this in point 8). I move my photos to this SD card on a regular basis. As this fills up the photos will be moved to my computer to burn on disks or to storage SD cards (not high performance SD cards). Other ways to to back up photos you can use an USB connection to your computer or use apps. Google Photos, Drive, Dropbox, Samsung Cloud, etc. OR you can use a file transfer app, my favourite is Send Anywhere:


    My favourite because it’s easy to use, will transfer large files and you don’t have to set up an account to use it.

  7. Anyone who knows a little something about me, knows I love a good clear out, especially of Android System Cache/Partition, not to be confused with clearing App Data. This can be a little tricky if you haven’t ever done this before. This clears out internal memory that Android system uses. Symptoms of a full Cache Partition, glitchy phone, no ringtone, no volume, things missing, everything takes so long to complete, MMS failed to send, and many, many more strange things happen.

    How to Clear Cache on Android – Republic Help

note On the newer phones running Android 8.1 Clearing System Cache/Partition may not be a menu item in Android Recovery. (Newer Pixel phones for example) No need to worry. This means there is no longer a dedicated area or partition on the phone for Android’s use. Just continue with your normal routine and maintenance. You can still clear App Cache if needed.

I do this every few months, especially before a big OS update and I do it again after the big OS update has installed and is working. If you’re really ambitious, have an old phone that’s gone though several big updates, dare I say it, consider a Factory Reset :fearful: This can breath new life into a phone.:star_struck: This brings me to point…

  1. You just got a notification on your phone System update is ready to download. If you don’t have high heat or temperature resistant SD Card on your phone, it might be a good idea to remove that SD card before installing this big update. Large system updates can heat up the phone. SD cards that can’t take the heat may get corrupted. I know of what I write, this happened to me not too long ago with Nougat update. I lost a lot of photos. :cry:

    Once you have made room on your phone to accommodate this big update by clearing your Android System Cache/Partition, you’ve removed your SD card to protect your photos, and the phone is charged sufficiently 50% or more, you’re ready to install. Once the install is completed, LET THE PHONE COOL OFF AND REST. If you can turn it off for awhile, do so. A hot phone is an angry phone. :angry: Keep it cool. :sunglasses::cool:

  2. Charge your phone every day, don’t run it down to 0%. This will keep your phone juiced for action and may cut down on your frustration level. It’s so irritating when you have to cut short a conversation because the battery is running out.

  3. Do not try to test the water resistance of your phone. :non-potable_water: There is a big difference between water resistance and water proof. Phones are not water proof and water resistance is not fool proof. Water damage is not covered under the Manufacturers’ warranty. It MIGHT be covered under extended premium insurance plans from the manufacturer.


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Thanks for the good tips. I use an app called “Clean Master” to perform the majority of the cleanup operations. Also, a service called “AirDroid” has proven a valuable resource. It greatly simplifies many of the sometimes more difficult managment functions for our devices. There is also a desktop app that allows management of your devices remotely.
Thanks again. Be well!