Ten Simple Things to do

I'm mainly trying to follow the advice in [Ten Simple Things to do to Keep Your Phone Perky and make my phone operate at its best.

Would you be able to list essential apps that I should not uninstall?
Now that I have backed up messages to SMS Backup, how do I delete everything?

What phone do you have? Moto X Pure Edition

What plan are you on? My Choice = 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Data

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The article you’re referring to is by @littletoucan Ten Simple Things to do to Keep Your Phone Perky this is 1 of many Tips & Tricks that fellow members have provided

  • Should not delete: this takes a bit of work, finally got my old XPure charged up enough to see what they offer
    • In Settings / Apps / :dots: Menu (top right) you will find ‘Show system’
    • You will be able to delete apps that are not on this list (however they don’t just show System apps separately, so if you really see a need for deleting all but system, you will have to build a list, by comparing All Apps (with Show system off) to All Apps (with Show system on) … don’t delete system apps, and I doubt it will allow you.
    • I have disabled all the alternates like Google Indic Keyboard and the various Google xxx input like Pinyin,Korean,Japanese … and stuff I don’t use like Google Play Music/Movies & TV … but not Google Play services/store

Thanks, I’ve deleted many so far (from A through L).

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Thanks again. I finished deleting apps.
I’ve re-installed a couple that were important.
There’s probably one more than I need to re-install since . . .
when I choose a person to send a text to in Anywhere or to call on the phone, I get “no application found to view this contact.”
How do I fix this?
I’m now editing–I believe it’s fixed. I unblocked 1 or 2 apps, Contacts was probably the most important.

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