Teracube phone compatibility

Any information about possible usage of this new phone with Republic?

The specs for this phone reveal that it doesn’t fully support LTE frequencies used in the United States. It is not currently compatible with Republic Wireless. I wouldn’t anticipate it ever being supported by Republic Wireless.


Hi Craig, Welcome to the community. I may have answered your inquiry through the Expert program. As you probably know, the phone isn’t supported. And while I don’t like to say never, I think the answer is likely never. While the company making it claims they will provide hardware support for 4 years (and software for 3 years) I’m skeptical about the claim (or if they’ll even be in business that long) but in addition they REALLY did not future proof the phone for use in the US. It is missing critical LTE bands where the vast majority of the network growth and expansion is going on.

Based on the LTE bands offered and the niche nature of the product I would say there’s close to zero chance Republic would spend its limited resources to try and support this device. That said, you can share your desire for support here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/byop_republic

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