Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Summary Update: Dec 12 2017


The creation of our new My Choice Plans required some revisions and updates to our privacy policy and terms of service, which we’d like to summarize for you here.

First, whenever our plan structure changes, we update our Terms of Service. This time was no different! We removed most mentions of “3.0 Plans”, added the “My Choice Plans” to the definition section, and updated many of the “3.0” sections to now apply to the “My Choice Plans”. We also added in some specific terms that apply if you are a Republic Wireless member and reside in Louisiana.

Second, we revised our privacy policy. We took the opportunity to reorganize some of the information previously presented and hope you find the new headings and grouping of information helpful.

We found a few places where we disclosed actions that we thought we might do, but it turns out, we aren’t. In those situations, we made updates. For example, our old privacy policy used to say if you were referred to one of our websites from a third-party website we might share certain information such as name, email, address, and telephone number with the referring website. However, we did not enter into any relationships like this and we do not plan to in the future. As a result, we removed this section.

Another area we updated was that we may use certain information to help identify you if you access our websites using different devices.

We also updated our policy to provide you information about certain third-party industry groups that make websites available for you to visit if you want more information on how to opt-out your browser of various information collection, such as interest-based advertising and the ability to identify multiple devices across multiple websites.

Please take the time to read through the policy. We greatly appreciate you continuing to be a Republic Wireless member and we hope you enjoy the My Choice plans long into the future!


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