Terrible Community turnout


The topic is on post #3 It’s not easy with this site for me to make a post but I am learning


Um… could we have a little more information? A terrible turnout for what? and what would lead you to this conclusion?


I am trying to think of the top 10 reasons the community is so slooow!.

  1. Obviously people don’t know we moved.

  2. The phones have stopped giving customers grief? Naa couldn’t be that!

  3. Everyone continues paying their bills even after they all moved to Google FI? Can’t believe that.

  4. The big brick and mortars have fantastic deals? I haven’t seen them.

  5. Nobody likes talking to help sources? I really don’t think so.

  6. Computer smell-a-vision has become mainstream? Doubtful.

  7. @billg is holding a Fish & Rock Jamboree at the lake? I didn’t get my invite.

  8. Googling is better than the community search engine? That used to be true in Jive.

  9. Phones are disposable just like cash is? In some households this is true.

  10. Advertising, RW emails, more contests, IM people we are here, word of mouth, or possibly put a flier or link with new phone sales and RW support tickets. Yep something is making the participation drop off drastically.


I think it’s because a lot of people simply aren’t familiar with the symbols that have replaced words. They come here, shrug, and give up.


i have definitely noticed.


If anyone has Ideas this is the place to voice them. My Ideas are #10 on my list of why we could be slow.


In the old Community, where we all complained about the search, at least we could find the most useful posts: For example, here we get this:

But in the old community we get this:

That is a HUGE factor.

Then there is this:

Which is meaningless. The first time I saw it in the Republic app I didn’t have a clue what it meant. There, of course, it meant something entirely different from what it means hear.


I still use the old community when I don’t know the answer to something/ need to reference something.


So do I, but we can’t expect but a very small percentage of RW’s subscribers to have figured this out.


Yeah. Discourse is so much better as far as functionality goes. So much faster! And the mobile experience is great!


Google is my friend! I also go to the old community search engine. Some links I have saved on my computer bookmarks.


I agree with you on those points but, after spending about 4 years in the old Community, I was completely lost when I first came here. When someone has a problem with their phone they are unlikely to spend an hour or two first figuring out how to post something. At a minimum RW needs to put a word alongside or instide the green dot with the white + sign.


Probably because you are searching from within the one topic. See the check box.

For the :post_topic: I have A/B tested the “+” and the
Both are options.

We have had an average of 5 less new topics a day and about 30 less replies/comments.


Go for it Sean. I expanded the search and still didn’t find that useful document. In the old Community it was the very first hit.


Because documents are not in the Forums they are in the help center. Help is where all tickets and documents are. People were forced to go to the community to get knowledge documents and that locked our knowledge into Jive. That did not make sense to most so we moved it now we have seen a huge increase in search and knowledge self-service. We are working on a unified search to bring the forum to the same search.

The split of Documents and forums is probably the main reason the forums have less traffic. They are using the search more than ever to get their content.


If I am not mistaken, I don’t think Discourse has an option for docs.


A Google search is better than here Discourse …Make and receive Republic Wireless
Make and receive Republic Wireless



Discourse search is good it is just not searching the knowledgebase. It is Forums Only.


Hi senar
How do you get a badge to DM a person .This I need because there are some times I need to discuss some thing by DM in stead of putting it all over the forum.
EDIT this is one of my complaints Kinda feel left out Forum only