Terrible Community turnout

Anyone who is trust level 1 (Customers start there) can private message (DM). Click on their name and click message. Only trust level 0 (new non-customers) cannot DM.

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I see in help the search there works fine but can it be put where we don’t have to jump through hoops to find it. I would have never looked there since I send people there. I thought Discourse was to be easier not hiding the content needed to help people.
Maybe post it on the bottom of the page

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Your mean right on the help page that gets more traffic than the forums. It is why we put our main search there even before we moved. Discourse is a forum as a forum it is not a knowledgebase, I am working on extending the search here too.

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It is just weird I have to go to help to search the help links for a document that I should get much easier.
Maybe I should just link the customers to the help search and have themselves search for the document they wanted handed to them anyways. People coming here don’t want to search, they just want the answer!
The customer is frustrated already then has to go on a wild goose chase

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They will soon see all of the answers in the help search, forum and KB. I will also work to make it easier for the people, helping others, to search while they are here. Remember most users do not come here first, they go to the link that says “Help”. Some like searching and reading, some like asking the Experts, some like forums and some like opening tickets. We have lots of easy options.

The big search on the Help page if for most people, it always has had more traffic. I will, as I have said earlier, work to put the KB search in a universally accessible place so it can be used here and on any of our sites.


Thank You Sean! See this is how we get answers. Just go to the top chief on the totem pole. I do appreciate your efforts.
Unga Bunga Captain Caveman


It works Thank you for the info Sean.


Until I read this and tried it, I didn’t realize the search in the Help Center was different from the search in the Community. Is it just me or are others making the same assumption I did?

  1. may be true but Republic does have links to here on the old board

  2. one could hope but a counter point is search here and on the help page (knowledge database) is better maybe a few are finding answers already posted

  3. if this was the case many would be complaining (Republic has lots of penny savers in it customer base)

  4. they have gotten better at pricing and the extras they offer may be worth the extra price for some

  5. I don’t think so when people have issue they have no issue talking to the help desk (though there may be some that are like this)

  6. please don’t let this be true my son has been watching to manky fart type jokes on the tablet

  7. where my invite ???

  8. Google is most likely is the better search engine but the one here seams to be working for me (to find stuff on here I also search the knowledge database on the help page, and the old forum, before turning google

  9. in all to many ways our phones are disposable :frowning:

  10. There is a contests a random selection of those that took the tutorial may get a taco gift card. and in reality there hasn’t been a major announcement that would cause a lot of traffic to come to the boards no new phone or just release phone people are having issues with, no new plan structure was announce upsetting some and being rallied by other

it my seam down but I feel some of it is due to how efficient this board is compared with JIVE! Republic staff has been keeping this please much cleaner than they did in JIVE (many post that would get lots of repeated answers are being merged outright with the main thread that they should have been in the first place that already had the answer there

It’s also summer (a time where online boards do see less traffic) I know I spent my weekend with the Cub Scouts 1st with the year end Picnic and seeing them go up in rank followed by taking them to a Minor league baseball game and camping on the Field after word, next weekend I be out of town for a wedding


I found out through trial and error. At first I thought I was going crazy because sometimes I would find what I was looking for, other times finding unrelated content.

Suddenly, the light bulb went off and I had a Eureka moment.


This might explain, in part, why traffic is down here? When my phone isn’t working I don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out how to navigate the Forum. Is 5 fewer new threads per day a 50% drop? The number itself isn’t very helpful.

It might help a little if Help Center instead of Forums was at the top of the list that appears when one clicks on Help. That isn’t going to do much for traffic here but that could hasten the search for a solution. This is what appears now:

Help Center


This is probably tacky of me since I haven’t actually joined yet, but may I make a comment or two? I am having problems negotiating the RW website and I figured it is just me. some of the links go to the old forum and it is confusing to a non-techy like me to figure out how to get to the new forum. I’m struggling with the search features too, but I figure that is a matter of familiarity.

I am waiting until 6/23 and plan to order a phone then. But I see two problems that might keep me off the forums, neither of which might have anything to do with you…but, I generally use my Kindle. I went on the laptop to type this. This website (not others) poses two problems for me with the Kindle–one, the contrast between the font and the page color is not strong. It is hard for me to read grey font. I’ve tried fiddling with the brightness on the Kindle but it hasn’t made the pages any easier to read. I don’t have that problem with the Kindle on other sites.

Second problem, which perhaps is a Kindle issue? But it isn’t a problem on the other forum that I post on. The 'header"–the big bar that says Terrible community turnout (it’s green on the Kindle and turquoise on the lap top–what color should it be?)–that big bar covers up the dialog box. So I have keyboard, I can see the “reply” key, and then I see the Terrible community turnout banner. I can’t see the text box when I’m typing on the Kindle. (And that is why I am typing on the lap top.)

If these sound like Kindle issues (the lack of contrast/grey colored font and the banner covering the text box) please let me know and I can call the Kindle SOS and see if they have suggestions. As I said, I don’t have those issues on the Kindle on other sites so I was thinking it was an RW site type of thing.

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for the first issue there are other theme with different color text and backgrounds
tap the 3 bar icon in the upper left I’m not sure which is default here but you can try other themes

the Discourse Dark (my setting), Discourse light, RW Blue, RW Dark Green, RW Green, RW Red, and RW Nighttime)
one can select a theme that will stick by clicking you picture (letter if you have not selected a picture) and then click the gear icon, then go to interface

for the second issue there should be a little x in the banner which will dismiss it (I did this after reading them and no longer have that banner on my page


Thanks. Discourse
dark helps.i don’t see the x though. I’ll keep working on it.


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