Terrible Connectivity

I have the Moto Z4 and unlimited text and data. it is only perhaps a year old and I s
invested in 128mg.

the phone, ever since a few months after I bought it has had ever-decreasing connectivity.

Even at home now, my phone used to talk with my wifi out in my yard. now, it drops just 30 feet away.

My data away from wifi has become impossible to get to work with any reliability. It’s always switching by itself from lte to 3g, but usually neither of them work

RW sent me a replacement SIM card, which I installed a week or so ago. ITS WORSE. :disappointed_relieved:

Today, I found a place on my phone to do a diagnostic check.

here is what it says.

I looked up my SIM info and it’s a cdma, otav2

Maybe it’s the switch to T-Mobile towers. years ago it wasn’t T-Mobile. I’m in NE Tennessee and coverage here with T-Mobile stinks. maybe I will have to leave RW. my son and his family did, but I didn’t ask him why. he runs a mobile business and there is no way I could do that now with the situation.

You’re on CDMA, which means the Sprint network. Yes, it is owned by T-Mobile, but the networks are still separate.

Can you share your ZIP code so we can dive in to the coverage a little more deeply?

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Thank you!

I live in 37809 but I work throughout the entire area as a caregiver to various clients.

( no idea why I am showing up now, while using my desktop, as my son…)

While it pains me to say this, I don’t think there’s anything that can be done to improve your coverage experience there. Neither of Republic’s partner networks (T-Mobile and Sprint) have great coverage there. Unfortunately that likely

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I wish that explained why I am having more trouble now than in all the years I’ve been with RW. It’s been likely near 10 years. :weary:

I have unlimited and was spending another 20 a month in additional gigs. But perhaps it’s time to see what Verizon has to offer. I’ve really appreciated RW and have recommended it many times over the years.


Here’s that guess. As T-Mobile has been working to combine networks, they’ve been refarming some of the Sprint coverage to the T-Mobile network for new 5G launches. It’s a possibility that some of the coverage you previous had no longer exists on the Sprint network.


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