Terrible reception on strong WiFi

Sounds just like my experience for a couple days, then it cleared up for a day, then came back last night.

Thanks for the explanation. I am testing now and will report back after having a few calls. Thanks!

The issue is still present with disabling ‘handover’. I guess it is time to reach out to RW since my phone is only 6 months old.

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Sorry … please post back anything you learn from the Tech folks … it’s how we learn

Will do - I just got off the chat and it is being turned over to the tech team. I’ll report back once I have a resolution.

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Hi @jenniferb.0sqtin.

Our engineers have made a server-side change that I believe will clear up the call quality issues you were experiencing. Would you mind testing calling and let us know if the situation has improved?


I have had two calls that have been clear on WiFi. I’ll give it another day of trying to talk as much as possible and report back.Thanks!

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