Terribly disappointed

It took a month to get help w a serious issue. I got a flurry of repetitive lists of what I had to do to fix Republic service. Today, by phone, I was told this is a common issue with real solutions. Yes, there is savings w Republic, but my time cost me well over any savings. Extremely disappointed that your customers have no effective voice in problem solving. There has to be a better way.

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I am sorry for your experience. It is not typical.
Looking at your profile, I do not see any posts or time spent here in the Community Forums.
We can’t help if we don’t know you are having an issue.
There are many folks here that can provide troubleshooting and suggestions faster than the other help venues, depending on the issue>
Did you use another avenue for getting help?
Perhaps opening a ticket or the chat option?

What is the issue you were experiencing?
What phone model?

Here is link on the ways to get help from RW.

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Hi @maryanp.xcplct,

Welcome to our Community, and thanks for taking the time to provide some very candid feedback. Troubleshooting can be difficult and time-consuming, and I’m glad to see our Help team offered you the option to work by phone when they noticed the ticket experience was not a good fit for the issue you were experiencing.

I’m not sure what you mean by “your customers have no effective voice in problem solving,” and would like to more about what different approach you have in mind. By the very nature of our support structure, we rely on our members to follow any steps they’ve been given and provide details about how those steps were taken, any errors seen, and the results. Our members’ voices are a vital part of everything we do.

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  1. Your reps often do not read an entire message. They see key words and send out a list of often inappropriate fixes that consume your customer’s time in troubleshooting issues that should not happen in the first place. I don’t know how many times Republic told me to reset or reregister my service. I believe you need to repair that issue across your network.

  2. The first several reps who handled my issue expressed unfamiliarity with anything similar. Many emails exchanged hands with lists and lists of things for me to try, sometimes several times. Finally, a real person told me it’s a common issue, your company is aware, it has a fix. This should never have taken more than a month. If you can’t fix in two emails and two lists of what the customer needs to do, then you should reach out by phone and resolve the issues quickly.

  3. If your network has a known network problem, it is incumbent upon your company to solve the problem permanently. The implied warranty of serviceability, U.S. Federal law says any product sold MUST do what it is expected to do at the least.

  4. I, personally, run a business. Many of your customers work for a living and depend upon their phones. If the phone causes my contacts to delete my calls because they do not recognize the random incoming number, the phone is a doorstop. Republic needs to be much, much, much faster in providing solutions. It is not ok to expect a customer to weed through thousands of forum replies to get help. Your forum moderator told me you can get help much quicker from random forum posts than from the paid staff at Republic. Does this sound like a workable business model that would get you positive reviews from busy people?

My husband purchased Virgin Mobile through BestBuy the same day I signed up with you. He has had not one single problem or issue with his service or phone. That company resells Sprint, just as you do. He has never had a problem with an update, a sim card, or his number randomly changing. He pays $5.00 per month more than I do. That said, if you were me, what would you be inclined to do?

Thanks again for the feedback and the very specific details.

This can be true, because these agents are human. However, they are scored on their ticket interactions and what you’ve described does result in a negative score, which has an impact on them professionally.

Sometimes these steps are required to follow other steps. So while it may seem redundant, it may have to be done again if something else has been done in between. And sometimes, as you say, an agent has failed to review the ticket well enough to see the step has already been taken. If you’re talking about an experience across multiple tickets, each one is considered a different issue, and we can’t be sure that actions taken in a previous ticket would solve a current issue. I don’t see these redundancies in your most recent ticket, and I’m also failing to see previous tickets identifying the same issue.

Would you mind sending me the ticket number you’re referring to. I’m not seeing that conversation in your most recent ticket, but would like to follow up with our training team if agents are expressing that known issues are unfamiliar.

We understand that. Known network issues are addressed with diligence and our legal team keeps us fully accountable on all regulatory levels.

No one has replied in this topic other than me, who did not tell you that, and another member. There is no forum moderator in this conversation.
Yes, we do believe that self-service through Community or our Help Center is a valuable approach to problem-solving for those who prefer a Do-It-Yourself approach. If search results are overwhelming, asking your question in Community can often result in a quick solution - when the issue is something that can be solved on the device itself and does not require staff intervention. It’s not our only support model, though. We also offer Expert advice, chat with our support team, online support via tickets, and support by phone as needed. There’s no requirement that people use the Community or the Help Center. They are tools available for those who prefer them.

I’ve been a Virgin Mobile customer and left them for Republic Wireless in 2011 (when I was not a Republic Wireless employee) and never had a reason to look back. Like your husband, I’ve never had a problem with an update, a SIM card, or my number randomly changing. I’m sorry to see you’ve experienced such issues. Our service is quite different from Virgin Mobile’s. When you say they resell Sprint like we do, you are ignoring a large part of what we do. We offer cellular service through either of two of the nation’s top cellular providers, one of which is indeed Sprint. We also offer Wi-Fi calling and texting through a uniquely patented technology that other carriers cannot provide. That does make our service a little more complicated to troubleshoot when something goes wrong, but it also allows us to offer additional value beyond what a “reseller” like Virgin Mobile can provide. We hope all of our members find that additional value to be worthwhile, but we also understand that we are not a fit for everyone.

I’ve passed your feedback along to our training team and it has sparked a lively discussion, and I’m sure we’ll see some positive benefits from that conversation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and if there’s anything further the Community can do for you, please let us know.

If you’d like to tell us more about the business you run, please do take a moment to introduce yourself in our Welcome Post. We know our members are highly talented people and we’re always fascinated to read about the many ways they are contributing to their communities and the larger society. We’d love to get to know you better and learn more about what you do.


I multitask. You will not offend me if you give me a number to call. Promise.

I am very tired of my phone distorting my voice (people have told me) and other people’s voices in my end. What are the steps to fix this.

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