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I have a Moto G5 Plus, with an option to use “tethering and portable hotspot.” Can I use this while overseas, to get internet access/wifi in locations that don’t have wifi? Can I use my phone while using the hotspot, or can I only allow other phones to use my portable hotspot?

Does this work reliably? I will be in Austria. I’d like to be able to use Facebook, e-mail and especially Messenger, there.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


No. You will have no cellular service overseas. Hotspot uses the LTE mobile data connection as the connection to the Internet to make the wifi you connect things to.

You can connect the phone to local wifi and use it as you would in the states.
You can also get a local SIM.

There is an articles here about use of R.W overseas:


The hotspot feature is there to basically share your cell data with other devices. Republic SIMs have no access to cell networks out side the US


Thanks for your response!

I’m not asking about cell service. But if I can connect to WiFi/internet anywhere rather than just in my hotel room or some public restaurants, etc, I can communicate with others who have any type of phone, via Messenger, anywhere. Can I use my phone as my own hotspot, in order to do that? Sounds like I would have to buy extra data? That’s okay if I do…


No you can not use the hotspot/tethtering feature to share the phones Internet connection with other devices in another country, as that require cellular data service, which there is none.

You can connect the phone itslef to any open, unrestricted wifi hotspot, like at a store or hotel, and use the phone as you were in in the States to call US numbers and use the apps on your phone.
You will have no connectivity outside of that wifi connection, thus you can not use the apps or make calls.

If you want to call “local” numbers, and get mobile Internet connectivity, in what ever county your are in, you must purchase a local SIM in that country and pay for thier service plan there. Remove you R.W SIM and activate your phone on that network. Then you can use your phone as you wish.

That article I linked to gives some useful info of things you can do when in other countries.


Ok thanks!


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