Tethering instead of internet provider?


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I’ll soon be loosing access to a shared internet provider and am exploring alternatives to signing up w/ comcast or verizon. Can anyone direct me how to judge if I can get by on tethering alone? I’m self employed, use internet on one laptop device for email, research, minimal social media and minimal streaming. I have some flexibility for accessing public wifi. Obviously I would have to greatly increase my current 2 GB plan. But perhaps better to increase GB plan, even to highest plan, rather than sign onto an internet provider? Or perhaps the typical data need would be way over the top - or just so restrictive - so as to make it unmanageable? I just have no idea. I appreciate any info. Thx!


Your data usage would increase exponentially if you just used RW for all your data needs. I would recommend you try to find a ISP from your home.


There is no way that this would be affordable. At $7.50/GB it would quickly add up and surpass any savings you could have from discontinuing home internet service unless you rarely or never use that internet and never do things like stream video.


thx. out of curiosity, do you know how much data different activities typically use - or a good reference for that?


Everything is going to be an “average” because it depends on a lot of different factors.

Here are some examples:

Streaming audio at Normal Quality from Spotify – 96kbps or 43MB per hour of audio
Streaming video from Netflix – HD Video: 3GB per hour – SD Video: 1GB per hour
Browse a single, average web page – 2MB


It can vary greatly, but here’s one estimate.

Average monthly broadband usage in U.S. homes, by one study, was measured at 190 gigabytes per month.


thx, much appreciated!


when you factor in software updates (both the Phones and the laptop this really doesn’t make sense unless you really don’t uses internet (laptops trend to be data heavy usage as they assume a unmetered connection


thank you!


Hi @susanc.tgedlh
I am sorry to hear of your predicament, I have been in your position before. I do have an Idea to help you. I have a great neighbor that has a bundle plan and their cost never changes as they could never reach their 1024gb limit. I suggested to my good neighbor to pay 1/2 his bill to use his wifi which comes through strong to my house. His bill was $90 a month so I payed actually $50 because I felt so guilty paying so little. I have since moved and had to get my own account.
I personally now use streaming TV, 3 phones, 1 tablet, 1 laptop, and 1 computer. My limit is the 1024gb & use 21.8gb a month. I do have 50 Meg speed.


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