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I have a Moto E 2nd gen with the $10 republic refund plan (no data).
I would like to tether my wifi signal to my laptop because my laptop’s wifi card is misbehaving lately. That is something that the Moto E has the technical capabilities of doing. I don’t plan on using republic data for this but it is built into my phone to say that tethering is not available because of a restriction Republic added. Is there a fix for this


That feature is broken and we do not recommend its use. It reports to us that the phone is using cellular data not WiFi and that would be bad for your bank account.


Is there any way to get this working on my phone with any app or anything? I am not having lots of luck. This issue is preventing me from watching/streaming video on my laptop, and as I am not using republic’s data anyway I don’t think I could be charged, but since it should be within Moto E’s capabilities I would like some solution.


The bug is that you will be charged that is why it does not work.


Are their plans to fix this? I found when this was first posted in December 2015 and khalifa said they were working on getting a fix. I would almost rather have the tethering than a phone plan to be honest so it’s a bit annoying.


We support tethering, we just do not support reverse tethering. There is no fix because the fix must come from Motorola and the phone is not getting any more major updates. Very few people use reverse tethering since most do not use their phone as a WiFi dongle.

Is REVERSE tethering possible with Republic phones? Should be!
WiFi data counted as Cell data

Basically, if you want to connect your phone to your computer and use it as your WiFi connection through USB, it will not work. I wish it did, but I would hate to see you get billed or have it burn through all of your data.

USB Tethering on WiFi Uses Cell Data

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