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I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten a text alert while on RW. I didn’t get them while on Project Fi either so this may be a shortcoming in the city/county/state that I live in. The last time I got an alert on any phone was on AT&T service and while traveling (with a phone that is 2 generations old). So I have absolutely nothing to compare with.

It would be nice if there were a way to get a test message at least from the RW system just to verify that it is capable of working at all.

Short of that a definitive statement from RW that they support the standards mentioned here:

IPAWS (68) | FEMA.gov

or here:


so that I can focus on why my local community is not supporting these things.

On a possibly related not when I checked my phones APNs just now I noticed that my active one is named “Republic Wholesale” but there is another one called “Republic IMS”. Is this an alternate Republic service or something unrelated? I don’t remember the words “Wholesale” or “IMS” being there before (but maybe I just didn’t notice.)

Probably the easiest way to test your messaging is by sending a text message to yourself. I just did this using Google Messenger. It worked fine and I received a notification of the incoming message. It is also possible to create custom notifications using Ringtone Maker. It is possible a custom notification will be easier to recognize.

Ringtone Maker - Android Apps on Google Play

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