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For the second time in a week I all of a sudden can’t send text or make phone calls out. Last time I shut the phone off several times and after about an hour it started working again. The wi-fi connection is fine and is working. The text msg tries to send and after a while stops trying. When I try to phone someone it says the number can’t connect. Any ideas…


Sounds like the phone is having a hard time keeping a solid Internet connection while on cell. That would cause all of your symptoms. When it happens see if you can call a person you frequently dial. That might work but calling someone new might not. What phone do you have?


I have the Moto G with Android Version 5.1 I only call about two or three people and it has happened when calling those people. I have a strong internet connection because at the same time the phone is actin up I can use my computer.


So this only happens over WiFi not when out and about on cell?


This is only the second time it’s happened and both have been at home on wifi


Do you have Bluetooth turned on. You do not have to be using it but is the Bluetooth radio on? Some apps can really mess with WiFi connectivity on the phone and most mess with Bluetooth. Turning off Bluetooth is a good way to test this.


No Bluetooth is not on and never has been…



Do you use any kind of app killer, optimizer, or battery saver apps. Maybe one stops the Wifi connection till the RW app reconnects.

@seanr It was just a thought!

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Nope don’t use any of those, only the things that came with the phone.


just on a hunch I turned my wifi off then back on and it seemed to do the trick, wow…any ideas on how to keep it from happing again???



No but maybe someone else will chime in with suggestions. Just to clarify the wifi was turned off and back on from the phone or the Wifi router?

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turned off on the phone, thanks for the information and help

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