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My wife can send/receive texts in Alaska (Anchorage and Wasilla), but not make or receive voice calls. If she calls me (Washington, Seattle area) my phone rings and shows Caller ID, but when i pick up there is only silence, we can not hear each other even though the display shows connected state and the call timer is running. Same if I call her, the phone rings but she can’t answer. This happens both on cell and on WiFi.

She can make and receive calls on her father’s mobile phone (which is not on Republic Wireless).

Both of our phones work correctly in Washington state, so I’m stumped. Any insight would be most appreciated, as there are several more Alaska trips coming due to a family situation.

Hi @richardab,

Hopefully someone with more experience (which for me is none) traveling to Alaska chimes in. Republic’s cellular coverage in Alaska is going to be spotty at best as neither of Republic network partners offer particularly robust coverage there.

That said, WiFi is WiFi whether in Alaska, Washington state or elsewhere. As a starting point, I would ask your wife to refresh her phone’s Republic activation while connected to WiFi:

Any improvement when she’s connected to WiFi?

  • The fact that your wife is receiving/ sending text messages is a good indicator that you have at least a marginal connection. (Texting imposes less stringent requirements than VoIP)
  • To rule out a weak or non-existent cell signal as a contributor, I would suggest you place the phone in Airplane Mode and then turn the WiFi back on (note the Republic status indicator will stay on the open Arc and will not provide a WiFi indicator as expected)

Thank you both for your suggestions. She’s back home now and I reset the connections and refreshed the activation per Republic’s procedure. All works well now and with any luck will continue to do so on the next Alaska trip.

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