Text from Computer As If from Phone


Before replying, note exactly what I want to do. I want to be able to get text messages sent to my phone (number) on my computer (as well as on my phone) and send them from my computer (as well as on my phone) AS IF they are coming from my phone (number).

I believe if I go all Apple, I can have this interoperability. And I looked at Google Voice which might work, but they don’t take Republic Wireless phone numbers.

I can read email on my computer or my phone. I can get into Facebook either way. But with texts, I have to check and reply on my phone.



this is the whole point of Republic Anywhere


RW’s newish app should do what you’d like. You can download it from the Play Store.


Thanks, guys. I downloaded Republic Anywhere and it seems to do what I want. Only one thing so far: on my computer it shows every text ever sent/received including ones that I “deleted” which do not show on my phone. ???


In order to have messages appear on multiple platforms they have to be centrally located. RW stores them for you. You can delete them from the phone but not from their cloud. From your PC you can “archive” them but they will return whenever a new message arrives in that thread.

I don’t know how long messages remain in RW’s cloud or if there is a way from you to delete them short of opening a service ticket.


Excuse me, but I have a related question. I had to use Anywhere because my regular SMS (Android Messenger) kept dropping important TXTs such as from my boss or 2-Factor Authentication.
Now, my regular SMS is backed up on a regular basis with another app called SMS Backup and Restore. Is there a similar application that allows me to get a LOCAL backup from Anywhere? It is to me unsettling to have someone else control access to my own messages without also having my own backup.


Hi @luism.helil2,

There’s no reason I’m aware of you can’t simply continue to use SMS Backup and Restore on your Republic phone while using Anywhere as your default messaging app. In effect, you’ll have redundant backups, which isn’t a bad thing.


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