Text from friend comes on unknown phone number

What phone do you have? Moto G5 Plus

What plan are you on? Talk, Text & 1 G

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

Issue Description

Texts arrive from another RW customer - my daughters- but it’s from an unknown number and not their phone. I checked with them and they definitely sent the texts from their own phones.
The first time was about a month ago and the second time was today. How does this happen and how can it be stopped? Does the phone number it came from have any knowledge of it?
In these days of privacy breaching, this seems problematic!

Hi @cheris.htybn1,

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First, to address your concern about privacy, the number that you are seeing is a secondary cellular routing number that is assigned to only your daughter’s phone. It’s part of how we deliver calls over both WiFi and cell. There is no other person involved who may be intercepting these text messages.

You mentioned your phone is the Moto G5 Plus, but you didn’t mention what phone your daughter has. I would guess she’s using some sort of Samsung phone. It is very important that the Republic app be added to Samsung’s battery manager as an “excluded” app so that the Samsung Battery manager doesn’t put the Republic app to sleep when the app hasn’t been opened for 3 days. Even though our members don’t need to open the Republic app regularly, it does need to run in the background in order for us to provide calling and texting to our members.

If her phone is a Samsung, please have her go through all the steps in this handy guide to make sure her phone is set up for success on our network:

If my guess is wrong, and your daughter is not using a Samsung phone, please let me know, and we can look at other possible reasons you are seeing the routing number instead of your daughter’s real phone number.

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