Text message come in to people as different number

Until recently I was using Google messages to text on my phone. About a month ago I added Republic Anywhere to my computer, but didn’t add the phone app for at least a couple days. During that time, I had more than one person tell me that my texts were coming in from another number. So, I quickly added the Republic Anywhere app to my phone and began using it. That seemed to solve the problem. BUT, since Republic Anywhere on the computer, nor the app, has a couple features that I like with Google messages, I am going back to Google messages. I took Republic Anywhere off my computer and my phone. Unfortunately, these same people are telling me that my texts are coming in from some other phone number. How can I get this fixed?
Thanks in advance for your help!

There are a couple of possibilities here. Let’s start with this. On the main Google Messages page where the list of all your texts are click the three dots on the top right, then Settings then Chat Features. There, turn OFF “Enable Chat Features”. Let us know if that doesn’t fix the issue.


Awesome! It worked!!!


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