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Is there a way to count the number of text messages I send per cycle, or even just a whole conversation with a contact?


Hi @psi_overtake,

Not easily that I know of. Please be aware there are no limits on the number of text messages sent or received. You won’t be charged for sending too many. You could manually add up the number of text messages shown as sent and received here when signed into your Republic account: View Calls & Messages | Republic Wireless.


Thank you so much! After saving the log and adding a filter on Excel, I was able to count them all up. Not the most elegant solution, but still a fairly quick one!


@psi_overtake, some third-party SMS apps, such as ChompSMS and, maybe, Textra SMS, have configurable options to display the number of text messages.

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According to the OP’s profile, they have a Moto X1 on a refund plan. A third party app isn’t a particularly effective solution for a legacy phone


Good catch. For the OP’s info, @rolandh is referring to the fact that third-party SMS apps are not generally compatible with RW phones of that vintage.


I’ve used chomp before and it was okay. I’ll keep it in mind for though -

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